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  1. Look for the JASO MA stamp on the back of the container, choose the brand you like, and ride. I run T6 in all of my toys. Many, many miles combined between an FZ6, DRZ, countless other dirt bikes, Wolverine, Kodiak, and others over the years.
  2. Use air filter oil. You want to evenly coat the outside of the filter, but not so much that is dripping off.
  3. Your top end is shot after seeing that picture, might as well do a tear down.
  4. In the car world detonation and lean running can cause a ring gap to close and break off a chunk of the piston on the top edge (mostly in modified supercharged engines running regular gas). If a rod bearing went bad it could cause the piston to hit a valve. I have worked on a KLX 300 that a valve broke at the end of the stem and while everything checked out with valve clearances (don't remember why, I think something was left of the end of the valve stem that held it in place), the damage was so extensive I just used a donor engine. Broken spark plug was just one clue, customer was going full throttle when the valve broke and the face of the vlave bounced around in the cyliner and head. You could just be lucky and have no damage though, it does happen. I personally would look for the electrode in the header before proceeding, and borrow a borescope from a friend (rent one from a mechanic?) to check out the cylinder if you don't want to pull the head.
  5. Many times a broken spark plug is just a symptom of a failed top end or rod bearing as something hit the plug and broke off the tip. Sometimes it is not. I would pull the head just to be sure unless you find the electrode sitting in the header or intake boot with no marks on it (very unlikely).
  6. I like my Trakmaster II's but the front does not inspire confidence in soft sand or gravel roads, it does fine on dirt trails. I have had no problems with the rear. I will try something different on the front when the time comes.
  7. I wish there was a beginner style MX track like that around here. The only local track here some of the jumps/whoops were beyond my skill level on a MX bike, much less my DRZ. (40-50' doubles/triples with small landing zones, 3' high tightly spaced rythm jumps, etc.) Maybe it has changed in the past few years since I have been there since someone would break a bone at every race I attended. Great job for your first time on a track.
  8. Steel mesh oil filter and that style o-ring, sounds like a Yamaha oil filter to me, such as the one used in the Warrior/Wolverine/Raptor 350. Either that or an aftermarket Scott style filter.