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  1. Looking to get my7yr old his 1st dirtbike for his upcoming birthday. He has experience on an atv, and has lots of room and opportunity to learn. Looking for some input on what size im looking for. He has ridden a 50cc honda, and it seems a little small. Suggestions?
  2. actmyage450

    NC Crew..........chime in.......

    Anyone ride out at NCMP in Henderson? Their site looks great, but i'm wondering if it's kid-friendly... Price looks pretty decent, $35 annual membership and then $25 for 8yrs and older after the 1 time membership fee. Any feedback?
  3. got some play in the rear carrier on my kfx 450. Trying to weigh my options between replacing bearings on stock carrier, or upgrading the whole piece. Suggestions? Running a stock engine with bolt ons... intake, exhaust, power commander.
  4. actmyage450

    NC Crew..........chime in.......

    sounds good... thx
  5. actmyage450

    NC Crew..........chime in.......

    Smithfield NC here.. Take my boy to busco, (weekdays only) Lookin some places also. Hit me up here KFX450R I was also under the impression that you could ride Louisburg for the day if you paid for a membership.
  6. Any opinions on the fuel customs intake vs. the velocity systems ? New to the fuel injection market.. still trying to get a handle on this. Thanks !