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  1. did you just replace your tranny with the oem gears? is there even a aftermarket replacement or something?
  2. my tranny was terrible the inside of the gears are scuffed pretty bad plus a noticed one shift fork was bent...this is ontop of the crank that ceased on me
  3. i took my tranny apart on my 11 rmz250 and one shift fork was bent and wore pretty good.. wich is crazy for a bike barely a year old
  4. i have my tranny apart and i have the same damage... yours actually looks a little worse ..have you had any problems since????
  5. has anybody else with this issue took the time to take the transmission out of there bike???? im curios because all i have really found on these forums are arguemants about this topic hav yet to find any real answers or solutions....
  6. other then the tranny issues its a great bike.. i love the way it feels and these bikes turn on a dime!!! it almost navigates the best lines for you lol...i understand that the rmz250 here in canada may be a little differant in price but i paid $7100 for mine last year.....
  7. i have a 2011 rmz 250 and right from first day i rode there was tranny issues....evryone is calling it 'false nuetral' so right now i have it the tranny out of the motor and there are burrs on almost every gear!! even tho it only usually kicks out of gear in 4th mostly..also one of my shift forks was bent slightly and wore out pretty good! this is pretty sad to say with a brand new bike i must say im very disappinted in suzuki....i also blew my crank wich is the reason i have motor split....so anyone saying they have not had these problems with there 11 rmz250 should consider themselves to be very lucky
  8. i have a 2011 rmz with same problem usually in 4th gear there calling it ''going into false nutral" THERE IS NOTHING WORSE THEN THIS HAPPENING COMING OFF A DOWNHILL TRIPLE........
  9. i have a 2011 rmz 250 that is also having same problem at first i thought it was my clutch!!!! THIS IS A SCARY PROBLEM anyone know what i should do about this?????????