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    2011 YZ450F, GYTR FMF silencer, GYTR tuner.
  1. I have a 2011 yz450 and have tried a few combinations to get the front to not push in the corners and have gotten it better in the almost 2 years I have owned it. I have tried the 80/100/21 that came on it and currently have a mx 51 90/100/21 that I am going to refreash. But.... My local shop doesn't have one in stock and says they are not available anymore as if they have discontinued them (parts unlimited I think). They have the 80/100/21 and also have a 90/90/21. Has anyone run this new size front tire on this bike? I want something that turns better for me than the stock 80/100/21. I have had the forks revalved and have tried moving the forks up and down in the triple camps. I have been fairly satisfied with the 90/100/21 but can't get it apparently. So, what do you think about the new size? Thoughts? Steve
  2. Steve 396

    Eric Gorr yz144 build (pic heavy)

    Hope he gets your cylinder back to you soon. I just sent my sons YZ85 engine to him for a 105 kit to be installed and I did not request to use my same cylinder. It only had maybe 10 to 12 hours on it so maybe I should have asked to use mine instead of a rebuilt one... Oh well, I hear nothing but good things about him so I am keeping my fingures crossed. Good luck and I will be checking this to see how it turns out! Steve
  3. Maybe this has been asked but I haven't been able to find it in the search feature. I am considering building one my son's YZ 85's into a 105 using the Athena 105 kit. When you look at the kit on the GYTR web site is states that crank case mods are necessary. What are they???? I already have a Supermini I bought used but want to build my own to have another for him. Thoughts??????? Steve
  4. Steve 396

    Washing engine / bike

    I power wash mine off first. Spray with cleaner of choice, mean green is what I use. Let it sit for a few minutes and power wash it off, real good. Most cleaners can dry rot tires and maybe hoses and such so rinsing it all off is important.... Steve
  5. Steve 396

    Atmore MX this Sat 4/7

    Ah, you spoke to Casey. He's a good young man. It is very tame. I don't ride there much because of this. They need to do a total make over and make it more challanging but that place has a following and I think it's because it is so tame. They did a promotional thing with the Indian group that owns wind creek casino with the possibility of them involved in promoting and holding events but never heard how they thought it turned out. Maybe next time you come up we can ride another track. It being Easter weekend I had family plans over in PC. Steve
  6. Steve 396

    The GOAT at Aonia Pass LLQ

    It's racing and i didn't think it was dirty. RC sure has gained some weight. Great video!!!!! Steve
  7. Steve 396

    Atmore MX this Sat 4/7

    I am not saying it's lame and I haven't been since Mid December. I do however prefer track with bigger and more challenging jumps. It is red sand, not exactly like the sand we have here at SMXA or Milltown / Milton Mx. It has never had big jumps and I would call it a tame track for sure. Most folks can jump almost all jumps on the track in a few laps. County Line over in PC has the biggest and most challenging jumps in the area, no doubt about it. And, yes I know James. Pretty darn good guy I might add. Atmore mx is leased by Allen McWilliams (RPM Motorsports / Mill Creek owner). If you do go have a great ride. Steve
  8. Steve 396

    Broken scaphoid

    I was in a cast for 3 months. Seems way to short to me but I am NOT a Dr. How about a second opinion??? Steve
  9. Well, me and my sons boots are stinking my garage up like none other so after this past weekend of riding I decided to rinse them out and them pour in some oxy clean in and let soak for a couple of days. Tomorrow I am going to throughly rinse both pairs and put in front of a fan and see what happens. I always pressure wash the outside and air dry the inside. This is NOT working!!! Steve
  10. I tried a rear on my last bike and it hooked up well in soft / intermediate stuff and wore very good. Another off brand to try is "Sedona" I put those on for my only race at Gatorback and they also worked very well. Can't say about the wear as I sold the bike after the race. Good luck! Steve
  11. Steve 396

    Atmore MX this Sat 4/7

    You are too funny. You should enjoy it. It's a sandy track and the only jump that is pretty big is a table after a whoop / roller section in the middle of the track. James Hare runs the place, tell him Steve said hello. Be safe, Steve
  12. Steve 396

    Pensacola area track this Sat. 4/7, where?

    It's weak I know! We had the only scheduled race in NWFlorida Sunday and had about 125 entries. Only other thing going on was the LLQ up in Georgia that I know of. MX in this area is suffering no doubt. And, I think a lot of folks are just practicing instead of racing when they get a chance. Now, I found out today that Green Acres MX is temp closed till the end of May. Figured you would want to know instead of showing up to find out they are closed. Another option not too far away would be Atmore mx. It's in Atmore Alabama right off I-65. I still vote SMXA but your call. Steve
  13. Steve 396

    Pensacola area track this Sat. 4/7, where?

    My vote is either Green Acres just outside of Milton off hwy 90 (closer to P-cola) or SMXA out on Walton Plantation close to Mossy Head. I raced SMXA yesterday and it was a blast. Track was just revamped a few weeks ago, longer and more old school mx that it was. Green Acres is good too and I think old school too. Milltown or Milton mx (not sure exactly what they are calling it) is small but a decent practice track... Enjoy yourself up this way! Steve
  14. Steve 396

    2011 yz450f review

    I hear you guys! As of now I have NO plans on stopping. I love it! I wanted to ride ever since I was a kid and finally got the chance to do so at age 31. Keeping my son on a couple of bikes is expensive (practice and race) so that is the main reason I say that. I have been thinking of changing to a MX 51 in the front. Several folks here are running them and my son has one on his practice bike and they all like them. Sometimes my front feels like it is going to slide out and I attribute it all to the stock front tire..... Steve
  15. I clean my sons Tech 3's with Mean Green cleaner. Spray on and pressure wash them off. I am not saying they look new but they are clean and most of the stains come off with no effort. I would think the magic eraser would work on the troublesome areas. Steve