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  1. thanks for the help. Could I just raise the throttle needle up a notch or two to richen the overall mixture? Also, if I do purchase a jet kit, how do you know you have the air-fuel mixture right without a wideband or o2 sensor? I was also thinking, if the ignition timing was off or maybe one camshaft had skipped a tooth on the chain, couldn't that cause the red hot header?
  2. I just purchased a 2001 Yamaha WR250F because someone said it wouldn't crank. Long story short, I got the bike running by just putting gas in it and givin it a good kick. The bike ran good wide open but would not idle at all. I took the carb apart and found a disintegrated accelerator pump diaphram. I bought the accelerator diaphram, air cut diaphram, and a carb rebuild kit that included every single jet. I rebuilt the carb and checked the valves which were good, put new oil in it, changed the oil filter, and put on a new air filter. The idle situation did not get any better and the exhaust started the glow red, which it did not do before, when the choke is on when first warming up. I changed the c-clip on the air needle to the 3rd line instead of the 4th that it was set on when I got it. Ive tried to adjust the idle with the air screw on the bottom of carb; it helps a bit but I have not adjustment to compare with. Does anybody know the stock air screw number of turns out from the factory? Also, what would cause the exhaust to glow red hot when first starting up? What would cause the bike to take so long to come down to idle but eventually idle? Any help would be appreciated. I am not new to carbs but this WR carb is more complicated than I am used to. Thanks
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    A weird idle problem

    could be a busted diaphram in the carburetor. I just bought an '01 WR250F that has the same problem. I tore apart the carb to inspect everything; the only thing I found was the accelerator pump diaphram disintigrated into pieces. Hopefully that cures the problem.