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    old honda xr's and fishing poles. New polaris snowmobile's and snowboards.
  1. pakn206bones

    1979 honda xr250 wanting upgraded front end

    . All balls does have a kit but it's back ordered for like ever. My shop said they couldn't get the set I needed for like 3 weeks. I found them online prob get them before the front end shows up. Im stoked its go n b a sic XR
  2. pakn206bones

    Gil Vaillancourt/works shocks 79' xr/xl swing arms

    honda XL500 suspension upgrade article is the title of the post if you want to check it out
  3. Did anyone else see that old mag post on this subject? Some dude put it up on the vintage forum. Anyway i want that rear end BAD. Where can i get one??? doubt they still make them. If anyone has one or knows maybe where i could find one, would love any help on getting my hands on one of these. I'm not going to sleep now till i find one, looks like a great upgrade!! Thanks
  4. I was thinking of picking up a motor to slowy go thru and bore. Do some nice head work to it, replace valves that type of thing. So i want to know the range of motors that will work for me and go directly in my 79 xr frame with no mods. 79' xr250 to what year ?? were motors the same. Also, just wondering will a xr500 motor go in my xr250? Were the 500's frame more heavy duty or do they share frames?
  5. pakn206bones

    1979 honda xr250 wanting upgraded front end

    i was actually thinking of buying a steel rod and just makin my own stem, size, length. to whatever i need. But then again im only shaving like 3mm. i have like 12 days to figure it out. You should post some pics of those bikes. would love to see them.
  6. pakn206bones

    1979 honda xr250 wanting upgraded front end

    so im going with a 97 cr250 front end. Going to have the stem buzzed down like you said. the bearings i need are like 2 weeks on back order, but should be able to get them. thanks for the help. ill post pics when its back together with an updated front end. Its been a fun project.
  7. pakn206bones

    1979 honda xr250 wanting upgraded front end

    thanks for the info that site is very helpful. Front ends for change is either 95 xr250 or 90 cr125. i want the cr front end but not sure if theres a kit for that one. im have to call them and find out. I will posts pics as soon as i can. I love these old XR's !!
  8. pakn206bones

    1979 honda xr250 wanting upgraded front end

    any problems with the forks hitting the tank?? I found a 90' cr125 front end. should swap over the same way you think?
  9. pakn206bones

    xr250 gearing

    i run a 13 f 53 r and i could skip using first gear on the flats.
  10. pakn206bones

    Hey all you XL riders

    how do you know what front ends will swap over? I want a newer front end on my 79' xr250. That bike looks really good great job on the mx front end.
  11. pakn206bones

    Hey all you XL riders

    radial four valve combustion chamber RFVC my 79' has 4 valves so what the differnce in the 83's??
  12. I have this 79' honda xr250 that rips. I want to put a newer front end on it, from another xr or cr. The forks, triples, wheel the works. I use the bike mostly for trail riding and backcountry fishing. The 23'' front wheel and forks are kinda flexy, wanting to eliminate that. Does anyone know what honda (or any) front ends will swap over? then i would be able to start my new front end search. Any over ideas on mods would be helpful thanks.
  13. I have a 79' xr250 and wanted to put a newer xr250 front end on it. Does anyone know what year front ends will work? Shocks, triple clamps, whatever years will work. Thanks