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  1. nmd

    Coolant problem on cr250 01

    Skipped the leak down test and took the cyl and head part... I did see a black color string on thre head where the exhaust port is!! so now the will be helicoil and a new gasket and i´ll test a orginal head with 0.8mm in squish clerance so that i extend my head gasket service change...or so I hope!
  2. nmd

    Coolant problem on cr250 01

    Yepp... out of the overflowtube... right foot! Will try to fix something to do a leak down test....
  3. Hi I having some trouble with coolant leak on my cr250. The story goes! Did a top end change 13 h ago. The head is a high comp head. Not much done to the cyl. I was out at the track checking coolant level that was perfect before I got out to the track. Did a warmup and no problems there. No more smoke then the usual. Then I did a 20 min moto and saw some coolant on my foot. Hmm i checked the coolant level.... and did I get a surprise... 6-7dl was missing......And that was the riding that day... My first thougt was to check the sparkplug....No problem there.. perfect chocolate brown.. The next thing was water pump seal.... and again no leak... Then radiator cap.....the orginal honda cap was 1.1 bar...... so I bought a new 1.5 bar radiator cap... filled up the coolant and went to the track again....... did the coolant level check (properly bleeded). Warmup and then a 20 min moto...... And now i lost about 2-3dl of coolant. I have not lost so much coolant in this dirtbike ever. And I own it the last 6-7 years So my thoughts are... Head/head gasket... raised pressure in the system and lost less water.......should have lost more if it be a head/head gasket problem Perfect color on sparkplug and that indicates no leak. Water pump seal.....no leak Could it be a bad impeller. but i see the water is moving when I look at the radiator if I start it with the cap off. Radiator are have normal wear What could be the problem?? something is building pressure in the system...or so it look like... so I keep lose coolant. I haven´t check anything but will do so..... Just want to see if anyone had this trouble before?? /Christian
  4. nmd

    How did you get more power

    HGS pipe+silencer, boysen rad valve, super high compression head. And I´m happy
  5. Just wanted to show you what a bike could look like after it have been taken apart and beeing soaped. The bike has 5 to 6 year old plastic on it! The things I did put my money into was swingarm berings, linkage bearings, wheel bearings, water resistent grease, mos2 grease, 60$ for a decal set from ebay, oil and restoring the forks and more! And time, time, time to clean of about 10kg of dirt atleast!!!!!
  6. I did shave it 2.5mm and i did a torodial design head. If I should have made a new high comp head today I would only shave of 1.5 mm and then just go with it. And ofcource set the squich about 0.9 to 0.8. It's not to hard to do. Thats the easy way. If only 1.5mm is shaved of i guess you dont need toridial design head. I can not give you any more specs then i have earlyer in this thread. Hope you get as good resault as I did.
  7. The cylinder was faulty, it was uneven! Riding repost! ------------------- But now when the dirtbike season has ended almost, i put the high comp on and have done som riding this week. And I must I love it... Nice good pull from the bottom into mid and to high rev. Not as much high rev/over rev as before but the bottom and mid compensate for that. It´s so much easier to ride now then with the oem head with "correct" squich. The respons on every rpm is an improvment. The one thing is that the engine exhaust sound level on low rpm is lower then with oem top. In the mid/top no difference! And the engine sounds a little tighter. And I also put a Boysen power valve cover that is 5mm deeper then oem. And the very best is that it´s working perfect. No knocking sound no pinging and so on! Must say that the bike is almost where i want it - The next thing is the suspension!
  8. nmd

    2001 Honda CR250R performance upgrades?

    I have milled 0.5mm i think of the head and adjusted the squich to 0.8mm and a full HGS-system and a radvalve . I run 380 for main and 27 for pilot 80m o.sea and it runs like hell! . Just need to revalve the suspension
  9. I want to know what volyme there is in the head?? Can you measure it???
  10. Let´s start this thread up agin. After some call back an forth to the motoshop. They took the cylinder back. And woala the cylinder is faulty. I got a new one back. And some cred to the shopowner because I got a new piston and some headgaskets for my expense. Not sure of what to do so I installed a stock head.....just fixed the squich to 0.8mm. And it was working like a charm. No collant leak or anything. But I think I will put on my high compresion head again and see what happen...... Just wanted to say that the damn cylinder was faulty.......... If anyone is intressted I will give som report when i have riden both enduro and a dirtbike track!
  11. I too had a hell bleeding my frontbrake? Bike was CR250 -01 Frontbrake over and under the lever, upsidedown, normal bleeding, backward bleding, ziped lever,and ofcourse before that i rebuild the damn thing. Bleed it every way you can think of! My tip is to lean the caliper sideways so that the air between the pistons can take a trip out of the caliper. That what i did. But i bleed the damn thing about 30 times before a got it right! And I will never ever bleed the front agin.....ever!!! The back caliper was no problemas.
  12. nmd

    Front brake problem cr250 -01

    Hey thanks..... but i already teasted that one!
  13. Hallo I have a big trouble with my spoongy mushy front brake on my cr250 -01. I have done alot with it new piston in front brake master cylinder cleaned front brake master cylnder replaced brake hose with new steel braided line changed seals in caliper cleaning caliper reverse bleeding, traditional bleeding and all other ways of bleed you can think of new brakepads new disc This is my worst nightmare. Anybody any ideas ??? /Christian
  14. nmd

    Piston Help !?

    How much oil in fuel?
  15. nmd

    What pistons are you running in your 250?

    Always used Wiseco 2 ring...... 1ring is above my econimy......... Have never have any cracks not even when the nicasil cracked in the cyl!