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  1. Adriaan

    Exhaust Port Leak

    Using OEM and fairly confident they were correct. Basically 2 rides. Will do some silicone! Will also check the header fits on to the flange. Thanks guys!
  2. Adriaan

    Exhaust Port Leak

    Sorry. It is a 250, and I have replaced the O rings but it does not solve the problem. 1 or two rides and the leak is back.
  3. Adriaan

    Exhaust Port Leak

    Hi Guys Exhaust gas escapes from where my exhaust port and my header pipe meet. The bike is an 09. Is it likely that the pipe (standard) is worn or the engine casing? How can I fix this?
  4. Adriaan

    Silencer Burning

    Thanks Adam. Yes I do often ride it a gear higher or out of the powerband on social rides. Just to confirm I have no spooge dripping down the exhaust.
  5. Adriaan

    Silencer Burning

    Hi Guys I have a 2009 YZ 250 that I ride woods with. Often when I ride the bike hard, I find that the silencer is smoking ever so slightly. (notice when stopping for a break) Quite a foul smelling white smoke. Is this just merely the exhaust packing that is old and getting burnt? I have 40 hours on the packing. Thanks Adriaan
  6. Adriaan

    YZ250 Woods Capability

    I would go weighted flywheel first and WR tranny. I have a rekluse and its fantastic on the YZ. Retarding timing is a free and great option.
  7. Adriaan

    YZ frame sizes-6'6

    Why not rather go for the 250? More power on tap, less time between rebuild, greater bottom end torque? Your weight justifies getting a 250 imho.
  8. Adriaan

    Desert Gearing

    Thanks chaps! 15t it is...
  9. Adriaan

    Desert Gearing

    Hey Guys I have a WR tranny in my YZ and currently run 14-50 for normal single trail fairly tech riding. I will be doing a desert race soon where I will cover 1000km (625 miles) over two days. There will be mostly open flowing terrain and lots of sand, one or two small hills. Generally speeds of 80kph and sometimes long straights where you can open up for miles on end. I have just bought a new chain and sprocket so wanted to go and just get a front 15 or 16 tooth. Which is best for what I want to do? Anyone experimented with a 16t? Thanks Adriaan
  10. Adriaan

    Help me set up my YZ250 for woods

    I have heard the FWW is not as important if you are running the rekluse - the motor will rev freely. I have the WR tranny in mine and it really helps in the tech stuff and once you get up to 5th you can haul! Would recommend it!
  11. Adriaan

    2002 WR 400 hub & rim for 2009 YZ 250?

    Thanks Dmikel...
  12. Adriaan

    2002 WR 400 hub & rim for 2009 YZ 250?

    Seems they were still brought into South Africa, Europe and Australia but stopped bringing them to the States from 2000.
  13. Adriaan

    2002 WR 400 hub & rim for 2009 YZ 250?

    Thanks! Will try - don't know anything about the WR's. This led me to believe last date of manufacture was 2002: http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/256920-last-year-wr400-was-manufacturedprice/ Cheers
  14. Hey Guys A friend has a 2002 WR 400 F rolling chassis - since I ride enduro I want to swop out the the 18" rear for the 19" on my 2009 YZ 250. Are the hubs the same? Are the rims the same other than the size? Any significant weight changes or other advantages the newer rim has? Will this be possible? Thanks All
  15. I guesstimate 70 hours of slowish tech riding. Way overdue on rings but have decided to replace both piston and rings. What do you think about the jetting judging from the crown? I have a black spot on the underside of the piston suggesting it got hot. Plug is blackish (not too oily) and is a NGK BR 8 I run pump 93 octane fuel.