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  1. I recommend you buy the OEM cruise switch (left side of steering column). The rumor is correct - it is "plug&play". Your van has all the necessary circuitry, and the the throttle is electronically controlled "fly-by-wire" so the servo is already in place. I strongly suggest avoiding the aftermarket units which are inferior. Go on Rockauto.com and find the OEM part number for the switch. You can buy it from them, but it will probably be expensive. If so, go on ebay and search for the OEM part number. You might be surprised to find an aftermarket OEM switch for about $50. You will need some patience when installing the switch. Go online to find the exploded views. Likely you'll need to remove at least the bottom half of the steering column plastic cover. The switch has fairly long leads and a connector that plugs in down near the pedals. I have a 2001 Express and did exactly as described - however on my van I also had to install the OEM servo (also sourced on ebay) and cable that actuates the throttle. It works perfectly and is "factory" original. For your newer van all you need is the actual switch.