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  1. OK I put the 165 in and got the fuel screw 2 turns out and it runs like crap up top. Pulls good till around 7 or 8k rpm's and then it falls on its face, put the 178 back in and it fixed the top end but it doesn't sound as (crisp). Any ideas why it wants a fat main jet?
  2. ok I orderd a 165 main from the stealership and it will be here in the morning. Is the NJYR needle a good needle to stick with and should i just leave it on the 3rd clip?
  3. Hi, I have a 2007 crf450 that is in supermoto trim and I'm looking for some suggestions on the jetting for an engine i just got done building. Here's the list of the engine mods, carb specs and riding conditions. 07 crf450 engine mods Hotcam stage 3 shimmed to .004 intake and .008 exhaust ported head with stock size TI valves Ice cube 498cc big bore 12.5.1 comp ratio k&n filter with air box sides removed full PC exhaust vertex 10 position cdi falicon crank CARB stock bore fcr41mm but im looking to get it taper bored to 43.5mm (suggestions on this)? crfsonly fuel screw 1-3/4 out main jet-178 pilot-42 needle- NJYR clip- 3rd leak jet-50 Riding conditions altitude- 1800-4000 temp 60-90f fuel-93 pump supermoto style riding mostly street with track occasionally Any suggestions on a good jetting baseline would be greatly appreciated!! thanks, Matthew