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  1. Thank you guys for trying to help me but i found where it goes. Even though it looks like some kind of pump part, its actually just a bushing. For anyone that stumbles upon this thread its a bushing that goes into the end of the transmission main shaft and the KTM part number for it is 78033001110.
  2. Can someone please let me know where this part goes in my engine, during my engine tear down somehow I was left with this random part on the bench. thank you
  3. We finally have an update on the eddie sander 325 big bore kit and it looks like it might actually happen. http://www.eddie-sanders-racing.com/product_p/cr250.92-01.big.bore.325.htm
  4. cosb

    Whos got a 2000 CR250?

    I have a 2000 cr250 with 02+ plastics and I love it. I also have a 2007 cr250 and like the 2000 more.
  5. cosb

    2013 models

    dono but just watched one of your youtube videos and your a damn good rider.
  6. cosb

    Miss SX Dianna Dahgrehn Tribute

    fake tits
  7. cosb

    Can anyone tell me what year this Honda CR125 is?

    They look the same from 93-97
  8. cosb

    Can anyone tell me what year this Honda CR125 is?

    No at 99, they had aluminum frames
  9. cosb

    04 Cr85 leaking from head pipe

    How long have you had it? has it always been like that? too much oil with a 28:1 mix
  10. cosb

    2000 Cr250 plastic conversion HELP!

    Yes you have to modify the mounts but to me it looks like his fender and airbox do not line up together
  11. cosb

    2000 Cr250 plastic conversion HELP!

    I just did mine a couple months ago, looks like you got the wrong airbox to me. When i did mine, i reuse the stock (2000) airbox and cut up my old black rear fenders to fill the gap, looks really good.
  12. New here but have been lurking for a long time, lots of great info.