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  1. Apkills

    Another YZ Transmission Bites the Dust

    Just got back from the sand dunes, while riding I hit a nice 4th gear jump and landed easily. Rode about 100' then heard a bunch of bad driveline noise, looked down and saw my master link plate laying in the sand along with the o rings. Put spare link on, tried to take off, drivetrain locks up after 4 feet or so. Thought the chain guide was maybe binding up due to a pretty good get off over a 75' gap jump the previous day but nope. Trailered bike back to camp, pulled chain off and drained tranny oil, countershaft sprocket will only roll over a couple of teeth before binding, if rolled backward it will unbind for a bit then bind up again rolling forward. Tranny oil looked good, just a couple very small filings, no teeth chunks or anything. Haven't had time to pull it apart further. Bike has 45 hours on it since I have had it, has an hour meter. I am not a tranny abuser. Looking for possible insight into failure before digging deeper. Thanks TT addicts.
  2. Apkills

    flywheel weights

    I have an 11oz weight on my 06 YZ250, it was a TMV brand I think, just bolted onto the flywheel. Made a really nice difference in tractability in all conditions. I ride mostly desert with lots of rock gardens, some covert single track trails. I really like the flywheel weight and don't think it took away from the two stroke snappiness. Fully recommended!!
  3. Apkills

    new style 250f fender on 2006 yz 125

    Put the back fender on too! It makes these era bikes look so much better. Takes some cutting and drilling but is well worth the updated look you get. Just keep your old fender so you have template of where you need to remove material.
  4. Apkills

    Reed cage spacer

    Hey guys, new to the Yamaha world but have been riding an 06 YZ250 with a big bore 290 kit and was searching for more top end power. Has plenty of bottom power for the desert and the rock gardens I ride in. Took out the reed cage spacer this weekend and was very happy with the result. It definitely pulls harder and longer where with the spacer the power fell off very flat. Running a beat up stock 06 pipe with FMF spark arrestor.