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    1st and second gear issue when taking off crf 450x

    Okay. I will take a look at it this weekend if it is that which I think it is. Is it a super expensive fix to replace 1st and second gear?
  2. Dcantral

    Ocotillo Wells

    This riding is way better then any other place I have ever been. Head down cross over trail until you get to shell reef expressway and you will no what I am talking about.
  3. I went out riding this weekend and after 20 miles the bike started making a funky noise when starting in 1st or second. But the other gears are good. I pulled off the clutch basket and everything looked good. What else could it be?
  4. I was out riding this weekend and after 20 miles of riding it started making funky noises when I take off in 1st and second gear but I can start in 3rd just to get back to camp. I pulled the clutch cover off and looked in the clutch basket and everything looks good. What else do you think it could be? Thanks