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  1. i have always ran the sno x sleds for years now ride 2010 fx nytro rtx its a lttle tougher in deep snow but can be done to be honest its the best sled ive owned i can do anything that i could on my other sleds jump , carve haul down the single tracks you really have to lean to get it to come up into a carve but im bigger so its not to bad i changed my oil and plugs at the beggining of the season not to fun a nightmare on gfs phazer only downfall would be working on it after warranty is up we dont have mountains in mi but assume it would not be the sled for that all around fun sled though
  2. hello I just bought a 2005 kfx 400 and it starts and idles great but when you ride it for a couple minutes it backfires sputters and stalls any advice on where to start will idle all day long its a little chilly out too about 40