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  1. Putting together a project bike. Will 09 engine fit earlier frame. Looking for parts, parts bikes as well. Ontario Canada
  2. vintagekenman

    Vintage bikes , projects wanted

    Always looking for 60', early 70's vintage off-road. Monarks, huskys, maico, pentons, cz , tm suzuki, rh, early kaw's.
  3. vintagekenman

    2004 tm 250 valve shim sizes

    Anyone know the size of shims ?
  4. vintagekenman

    Vintage mx's wanted

    I buy early 70's, 60's mx and enduros. Personal collector.
  5. vintagekenman

    07 rmz450 head trouble! Need help!

  6. vintagekenman

    Aluminum rads from china.

    Has any one tried the rads from china ? Great price on eBay. I am thinking of ordering a set. 85 dollars vs 400 for fluidyne
  7. vintagekenman

    Southwestern Ontario Riders

    Milton , campbellville here. Some of these closed pits should be offered to clubs.