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  1. MNorby

    XR250 continuous high rpm?

    Finally made note of the gearing, it is 13/45. Would dropping the wheel sprocket a few teeth gain much and still keep case saver on the front? Friend years ago had a chain wad up and break his case so kinda nervous about removing it.
  2. MNorby

    XR250 continuous high rpm?

    I like the low end with the current gearing but might be worth a try is see if the slow suffers. I'm fine with 60 being the max speed too if its not hard on it to hold it there for say 4-5 miles at a time.
  3. Been riding my 96 XR250r back and forth to work on the canal roads and curious if holding it WFO in 6th gear is OK or better to back out of it a little? 60mph is as fast as it goes maxed out which is fine for what I do.
  4. MNorby

    Average MPG for the 250?

    I been getting 40mpg commuting 7 miles each way to work, pretty much 6th pinned 80% of the way.
  5. MNorby

    Bridge rectifier and LEDs

    I finally get my bike all setup now. Used a reg/rectifier to convert to DC, installed a small battery in the airbox, wired in a key switch to kill bike/turn on battery, installed an LED VisionX solstice light up front and used a LED 1157 bulb in rear, wired in the brake light switch, and installed a horn along with a DoubleTake mirror to be completely legal. Working great so far but might get a larger LED light bar yet.
  6. MNorby

    Lighting upgrade time! (400)

    I installed this VisionX solstice led light on mine. Its only 10w and is tons better than factory but thinking of getting a larger light yet.
  7. MNorby

    XR250 cam chain recommendation

    Should a guy replace the gears too or if they look good just get the chain?
  8. Started hearing a high rpm rattle, especially after installing a skid plate. Assuming the skid is echoing the noise up more and more noticable now. Took head cover off and the auto adjuster left side wedge was poking up maybe 1/8". I pushed down on the right wedge and the left wedge fell in tighter to where you see in the picture and now the chain has no slack off the gear. I assume it should be ok for a short trail ride this weekend and order a new chain too. Is there a better brand to order? Searching here I found the 400s can use a chain off a cr or something, what about the 250? What else should be replaced while I am in there? Thanks
  9. Any updates? My 96 xr250r is making a similar high rpm sound
  10. MNorby

    Air filter is sticky, normal?

    Awesome, thanks.
  11. Checking things over on the new-to-me 96 XR250r and the airbox snorkel is already MIA but the red dome shaped air filter is sticky feeling, like honey kinda. Is that normal? Is it cleanable or just replace it?
  12. My 96 has a NGK C7E plug in it now. Searching I find no mention of that part number for this bike. What is the proper or best plug to run? Stock 96 XR250r.
  13. MNorby

    Fork rebuild

    Ordered parts from the local guy. Got seals and bushings coming and he stocks oils. Hope to start on it next week.
  14. MNorby

    Fork rebuild

    I have a manual on the computer so will print out the pages for the fork stuff. I have tome 7.5 weight oil left over from some airbump rebuilds, suppose that would be ok?
  15. MNorby

    Fork rebuild

    I am leaking oil out of 1 side of the fork on my 96 XR250r. Do I just need a seal kit like this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Fork-and-Dust-Seal-Kit-Honda-XR250R-XR-250-R-1986-04-/270791748369?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item3f0c722b11&vxp=mtr and fork oil like this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Fork-Oil-15-wt-PJ1-for-Triumph-Norton-motorcycle-/360464332949?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item53ed593895&vxp=mtr Also what weight of oil is recommended? I am 200lbs with gear and mostly ride dirt road to work and slight trail type stuff. Definitely a noob to this 1 wheel drive things. Thanks.