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  1. Adjust the valves mine did the exact same thing. Starts first kick now
  2. I know a guy who has a 94 ktm 300 2t. He wants 500 but it need either a cdi or a stator has no spark. Yes or no
  3. Ok I hear ya loud n clear. Don't do it. So I'll wait but wat is the best cheap exhaust for the bike (98 klx 300).
  4. Does anybody know if I can make it louder without sacrificing any power? I have the butt plug removed and want it to be louder almost like my buddy's 300 ex with a hmf exhaust. A new system isn't in the budget right now so I wanna make it louder. I know I'm gonna catch hell from all the naysayers and I don't care so positive replies please.
  5. no no no. i would heat the cylinder and get it warm before i got new parts.(old cylinder and piston). Then follow starting procedure. Sometimes it would fire then others it wouldn't. But after it ran it would start first kick. carb is good,fresh gas, new air filter, cam chain is good. intake clearances .05mm; exhaust .15mm
  6. Checked valve clearances intake is at . 05 mm intake .15 mm is that why it won't start
  7. Well before I put the cylinder and piston in I would heat the cylinder up then kick for about half an hour before it would fire then once it was running after it was warmed up it would start first kick until it got cold
  8. ok i got her timed up and put back together and it will not start so i tor it down again and this tine had my dad help me we read the manual did everything just like it said and put it together and it still refuses to start (why i took it apart in the first place cylinder and piston were shot) so we did it again and same problem tried ether tried heating it up with a torch and STILL NOTHING its really starting to p!@# me off i just put almost 650 bucks into it and still having issues so any help would be great
  9. I replaced cylinder and piston and I need to know how to time the cams I do not have a manual