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  1. I have a parts bike in the garage. PM me .
  2. That's about 27 hrs a year, so that tells me it ridden 5-6 times a year. I would say that bike is starved for attention.
  3. Kansas

    I grew up in Salina, can't think of any public riding spots other than local farms. You are not to far from Milford Lake, about 45 minutes. There is a public spot there. I have never been but have heard good things... check out look at the race schedule. Forward motion series first race will be there next month. You can get directions off the race flyer.
  4. Kansas

    Pk's place is called big springs. Located west of lawerance. Not the same place. Big springs is a 9 mile loop on 80 acres. Has moto track and a tt track that is a blast!.
  5. Illinois

    Hex head screws...
  6. Illinois

    We use 5/16 he head sheet metal screws in the knows of our tires for the winter. 3/4" for the rear & 1/2" for the front. Cost you around $30 for the screws and takes about 45 minutes per tire. Your bike will hook up and corner like it's on rails in the frozen dirt, ice, and snow.
  7. Missouri

    Are you still looking for help? I have no shortage of projects already underway, but I always like to build courses and ride new spots.
  8. Missouri

    Where are you building this? I live in kck
  9. Kansas

    I think kc rider is just to chicken to tell us.