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  1. Finishing up a crank replacement and having some trouble with the topend. adjusted valves to .006/.008", without letting engine rotate backward. Upon starting, there is an incredible amount of top end noise. It is a metallic clanking noise, that increases with rpm. I feel it is related to the auto decompressor, but I am at a loss. Also, i noticed my manual decompressor lever is in an entirely different spot than what I started with... Here is a video of the play in the cam. Alright here is some more stuff... First is a video of the cam and auto decompressor. Is this play normal? seems awfully sloppy. Showing the position of the adjustment screws on the exhaust valves. showing the position of the manual decomp lever when it first touches the rocker. seems very high to me. NOT my bike. Used for reference of the decomp lever. another of the set screws.
  2. stuntheavy

    Stranded: Need XR650R counterbalance gear

    Should is the key word. The main issue is that I am 6500 miles into my trip, and a long ways from home. The most important thing right now is finding a replacement.
  3. Hey guys, Doing a cross country trip on my XR650R, and long story short, I'm stranded in Northern California. Sent the crank to a machine shop, and they fractured the counterbalance gear on the crankshaft when removing it. Does anyone have one of these gears, or a blown crank that they would part with? I would need it overnighted, but have paypal ready. Please email me for fastest response, ridesa a-t gmail dot com Thanks guys, really need help on this one...
  4. stuntheavy

    xr650r fcr40 carb boots?

    So I'm in a dilema... I can't get my stock carb to act properly, and want to upgrade to an fcr anyway. So I picked up a fcr40 off an 06 rmz450 for 100$. My question is.... what are you guys using for airbox side boots? The fcr airbox side is much smaller diameter and the fcr is also much shorter. Hopefully these pics help explain things...
  5. Thanks everyone! I know I can talk to Rekluse, but I want real world, customer/rider opinion. Those of you with the EXP, do you find using the clutch lever a bit fussy? Is the 'friction point' always changing on you? I come from a stuntriding back ground, and years of doing shows has left me witha riding style that relies extremely heavily on clutch modulation. Without a good feeling clutch, I'd rather load up, than suffer through the day. It's THAT important to my riding style. I'm just trying to see if the EXP is worth giving a shot. if the friction point is constantly all over the place, it'd be useless to me.
  6. can anyone explain the 'feel' differences between the EXP and the Z-start?
  7. So, just to clarify, say you are sitting in first, completely stopped. You can pull in the clutch, rev the bike, and dump the clutch (as if to initiate a wheelie, or take of from an MX gate drop? What about at speed? cruising along in 3rd, mid throttle, you can pull in the clutch, rev it, and dump it (as to loft the front end over something, or wheelie)?
  8. Howdy everyone. Hopefully some Rekluse owners can chime in. After getting my butt whooped on 40miles of ridiculously technical trails, I got to looking at the Rekluse setups. My question is this. The bike is an 09 kx450f, but its very multi-use. Seriously technical trails, some MX, and eventually may make its way to some supermoto as well. Coming from a stuntriding background, I use my clutch heavily. There's times I use it to kick the back end out, and I clutch ever wheelie I do, whether it's for fun, or up over a log. Does the EXP or the Z-Start have the ability to have manual clutch control at ALL rpm's? From idle, to rev limiter? Or is it a sacrifice?
  9. Can someone school me on these? Neat idea, but how many 16g cartidges does it take to fill a 19 or 21" dirtbike tire? I've got a hand pump, but many C02 could be useful in my trail pack. Also, feel free to mention any other oddball trail tools you bring along that others might not think of. I carry a couple stainless steel zip ties, and a couple of the large 36" long HVAC zip ties, just in case. And those pre-made tuna-in-a-can meals pack darn nice as well.
  10. stuntheavy

    14-40 gearing on supermoto wheels? 2005 wr450

    yeah, im 15-43 on 17s for 90% of my riding, and the chain slide that wraps around the front fo the swingarm gets beat up, fast. I went through the stock one (given it has some miles on it when I got the bike), in a single night. Since, I've replaced it with a harder, aftermarket one and probably have 250miles on the bike and its almost worn through again.
  11. stuntheavy

    14-40 gearing on supermoto wheels? 2005 wr450

    How are your guys chain slides holding up? I run a 43, and its killing my chain slide....
  12. stuntheavy

    '03 WR450 Starter Conversion Tutorial

    is the physical starter itself the same? The previous owner had a nasty backfire, broke the case around the kickstart, and blew the starter into 100 pieces. so I need all the electric start parts. Just trying to figure out what I would need, ontop of the above listed parts. Looks like just the starter, and the wiring. Anyone know 100% if the starters are the same?
  13. mine hasn't had electric start in ages. After the 400cc days, and those nightmares....I'm a bit shy about flooding my 03 wr450. I put the choke on, cycle it over with the kickstart a few times, bring it up to compression, and usually first kick, if it's an enthusiastic one, is enough to make her fire up. I've always had bad luck ripping on a 4-strokes throttle, but thats just me
  14. stuntheavy

    Re setting my TPS?

    I believe you mean high impedence multimeter. Low impedence are the old analog style, which do exciting things to circuit boards. TPS is a nightmare on these bikes, it seems.
  15. stuntheavy

    03 wr450 starter parts.

    Very interested in knowing what the whole list consists of. My starter on my 03 is long gone, and would like to upgrade it. Kicking it just gets plain old.