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  1. I recently put on a graphics kit on my kx but the glue did not adhere properly. Its starting to peel off around the edges and i think it will only get worse. Does anyone have any ideas for a strong waterproof adhesive that would fix this problem?
  2. Its hard to find a nice seat cover for my old 250 so I'm wondering if one of the newer makes would be able to fit?
  3. Im running a 2002 kx 250 with pro circuit pipe and matching shorty silencer with a boyesen rad valve at sea level. Temp varies from 40 to 80 deg Fahrenheit. The stock jetting is 165 main, needle and clip is NAFF # 2, 48 power jet , 55 pilot jet, 8.0 slide with 1 and 1/2 on the air screw. The tail pipe drips with oily residue so I suspect it is running rich. I do mostly moderate speed trail riding and some track. Any help at all will be greatly appreciated!!!!!