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  1. shooone

    92 yz80 shift

    I just came across a 92 yz80 that was basically free. Bike is in great shape but previous owner said the shiftfork was bent and it's stuck in second gear. Well I got it running and it rips but only in second gear. I decided to tear her apart and found that the small spring on the shift shaft was broken. Anyway to just get this spring or has anyone out there ever made one.. the only option I see is picking up the whole new shaft with spring attached. Any info or help would be awesome.
  2. shooone

    xr to cr kickstart lever?

    I have a xr80 that I picked up in boxes. I have it all put together but the kickstart lever hit the bolt heads that hold on the rear brake lever and peg. I replaced the bolts with a shorter head but still not quite enough clearance. Can I replace the lever with a cr80 lever. From pics it looks like it would work. Any help would be much appreciated.
  3. shooone

    1985 XR80 Kickstart Lever

    i have 2 identical 85 xr80r engines. one has a short kickstart shaft and the other has a longer kickstart shaft. i measured the difference and its about 1/4 inch difference. not sure exactly why this is. i have searched high and low and still have not found a positive answer. i made a mod similar to what u have with the extended kickstart lever and just deal with it. its better than thed lever hitting brake lever.
  4. shooone

    85 xr80r lower clutch cable bracket

    I feel retarded. Maybe I need to be spoonfed. I did just had a birthday. Guess I'm just getting old. I have a lower bracket on the way. Now its a waiting game. I also need some head work done anyone know of someone who can do this work. I have the bike running pretty good but can't lower the idle down. Runs great with a higher idle. Not exactly sure where to set the air fuel needle. Again I appreciate all of you guys out there.
  5. shooone

    85 xr80r lower clutch cable bracket

    Hey thanks for all the help. I'm new to this so how do I pm somebody.
  6. shooone

    85 xr80r lower clutch cable bracket

    Hey I appreciate the pic. Just can't quite see the bracket that is holding the cable. Maybe a pic from the other side. Again thanks so much for getting the pic out so quick.
  7. Please help. I recently bought an 85 xr80r that came in boxes. I have the bike all up and running but I'm missing the lower clutch cable bracket. Not sure what it looks like or where to find one. Not even sure where it mounts. If someone could help I would really appreciate it. If someone could post a clear pic of the mount that would help tremendously. Also the original crankcase was cracked so I purchased a used motor from eBay. Motor needed topend work but overall in great shape. The only difference is the kickstart shaft is shorter on the eBay motor so it hits the foot peg bolts. Anyone ever ran into this.