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    Chanel #5
  2. captainhog

    Did James Stewart's Mother Really Post this?

    What if he was truly born with a physiological condition (prefrontal brain abnormalities) that he needs the medication to treat? Would you punish a diabetic racer for taking insulin?
  3. captainhog

    Who is Bubba's secret training partner?

    No... http://instagram.com/p/bsDR_HhPXA/ Jerome in the zone.
  4. captainhog

    Who is Bubba's secret training partner?

    He is probably talking about his stupid alter ego Jerome.
  5. captainhog

    getting more distance?

    Definitely did not turn into a lesson on literacy.
  6. captainhog

    getting more distance?

    Your analogy is off basis. Spring equations are linear so if their velocities are the same the output of force that would be released from the spring would be proportional to their individual weights. So in your scenario you would be throwing the lighter rock with less force and the heavier rock with more force (proportionally that is) therefore the rocks would both travel the same height.
  7. captainhog

    Nationals Rant

    Only gripe I have is that they always seem to cut to commercial before a big pass and return after the pass has been made.
  8. captainhog

    Frond end "tucking" in corners?

    Its good to change only one thing at a time but I thought you were trying to fix the issue with your front end tucking. I always thought fork height affected stability which is basically how easily the bike wants lean over but did not affect traction.
  9. captainhog

    Frond end "tucking" in corners?

    Did you try softening the rebound dampening for your forks?
  10. captainhog

    Frond end "tucking" in corners?

    So much goes into cornering that it could be a number of things. I highly suggest streaming all of volume 3 of Gary semics instructional videos, then you can start to answer the questions better yourself than me guessing at what you may be doing wrong. Start with the first one in the series, I was shocked when i watched it and realized how much i was doing wrong.
  11. captainhog

    Frond end "tucking" in corners?

    I believe it is rebound dampening and that stiffening up compression dampening will make your problem worse as traction usually decreases with increased dampening (There are extremes where you can have too little dampening I know). Try both though and treat it like an experiment where you only adjust one variable at a time. First warm up with the suspension the way it is and then adjust your rebound dampening 4 clicks softer and see how it feels maybe even write down your observation. Then set your rebound dampening back to where it was at the beginning of the day and stiffen up your compression dampening 4 clicks and see how that feels. That little exercise should answer the differing opinions you are seeing here. There is never truly a right answer because it is what feels best to you but in my opinion you will be much happier with the adjustment you make to rebound dampening. Either way, let us know the results.
  12. captainhog

    Frond end "tucking" in corners?

    As edge said, softening up the front fork dampening helped me a lot. I had my suspension done and they just set the clickers as a starting point. Faster rebound on the forks improves traction up to a point but I think you have to start changing one thing at a time and see how it feels. Start with front forks, adjust rebound dampening softer 4 clicks, if it feels better, go another 2 clicks, if it gets worse move it back to where it was before and right it down. Before I softened my rebound dampening I felt like my front end would just wash out in an instant, almost like the ground was being removed from under me (tire wasn't tracking because rebound was too slow).
  13. captainhog

    Setting sag?

    I agree with Gary, I thought the main purpose for the nitrogen was to keep the oil under pressure and raise the boiling temp of it. The spring stores the energy, i.e., you sitting on the bike so if your spring constant is too small than you will have too much travel when you sit on the bike (applying force to the system) Example: Force = k(X2-X1) where force is your weight, k is the spring constant, x2 is your initial measurement and x1 is your final measurement.
  14. captainhog

    My bike sounds like a tractor...?

    Post an updated video so we can hear the difference.
  15. captainhog

    My first double, please help!

    I am always hesitant to suggest pacing someone else off a jump because of the ability to vary distance by how much of the force you absorb through your legs. Depending on the face of the jump and speed at which you are hitting it I bet you could vary your jumping distance by about 30% depending how much of the jump you absorb or how much preload you input into your suspension, speed is just one of the many things that influences jumping distance.