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  1. Need to know wich one of the newer style front fenders will have the proper pre drilled holes for My 2003 Yz450? Theres a fender for 1998-2014 125/250 2 strokes and a fender for 2006-2009 yz450. Is the 2003 yz450 the same as the 1998-2014 125/250 2stroke or the 2006/2009 yz450
  2. Public walking trail I dont ride like a maniac through town either and I keep it on the back roads. and for being a moron? whats this about breaking into my house and stealing and burning my house and taking my pet because I want to ride my bike to the trails instead of pusing its 250 pound ass 7 blocks up hill? You sir are the moron dont post dumb shit.
  3. I got one for you. Im a safe driver I keep it slow. I stop for pedestrians and leave them lots of room and am very considerate. I dont get pulled over. When Im walking across the street at a walkway pretty much 90% of drivers no not slow down. They will try to sqeeze by every single time. If I stoped walking for a entire second they would probably run the back of my foot over. I bet 90% of you nazi brain washed sheep do the same damn thing. At least I can call myself a safe daily driver. Except for that single occation. I was stupid and should not have been driving. That doesnt give 90% of drivers the right to drive that retards. I had a conversation with my driving instructor about how many bad drivers I have seen on the road since I got my class 7 license. She said guess what the percentage is of people that shouldnt be on the road. I said 80%. She said 90% of people on the road drive like idiots. I said 80% from just what I see everyday people act as there in such a hurry and treat pedestrains like garbage. I see a bunch of morons in tons of steel almost killing people all the time. 90% of all people on the road should be in jail right? There not comming to a complete stop for people walking on the street. Thats illiegal!!!!
  4. I dont drink and drive. It was just that I ususally drink beer and my friends that I didnt really hang out with much kept telling me we need to drive somewere. So stupid drunk me did.
  5. I was pissed drunk I drank about half a 40 bacardi and 4 budwiesers with only a novice license. I blew a stop sign and then my friends said they see a cop. I just kept going and as soon as I saw him start pulling out to crack a U turn in my rear view I punched it for 2 blocks and quickly went into a special alley. BTW really shitty car 1.6l 4 cylinder DOHC with one guy that wieght 240 pounds and another that wieght probably 150 and I wight 160. He thought I went a different direction and thought he could stay on the road. Im not saying all cops are bad infact all cops are good. Some are really nice and understanding and others have there heads shoved up there asses. All the crack heads from vancouver moved here because they were givin some money and a bus ticket to leave because of the olympics or some dumb shit. Now we have more cops then ever in a small town if really &%$#@!ed up and honest people like myself gotta pay the fines for doing shit that is mear. I drive carefull and obay the traffic laws when I see kids I slow down when Im driving a vehical or my bike illegelly. When I saw that cop for the second time my first reaction is to turn the bike off. This time I hesistated and sowly turned the bike around. Then I hit every gear as fast as I could back into the trail. Im confident that the 5000 pound crusier didnt stand a chance especially being up on some grass with a curb infront of him. Next time I wont hesitate because for the first time I did not hit kill switch like a brain washed nazi zombie. seriously it could happen anywere you and your friends are riding peacefully and you gotta cross a road or go a little ways to get to the next trail and there will be a cop thatstops all of you and your gonna kill the bikes and take it up the ass in huge fines and loose your bikes and get harrasssed all because you were to much of a &%$#@! to ride.
  6. The last time I stopped and had a talked I got a 600 doller no insurance fine and they said if it happened again they said I would goto jail and they would take my bike away. Oh I second the how many Nazi Child Eaters there are up in this bitch. They seem to multiply like a disease of this planet. Ive been reading on how to insure a off road vehical. Well the Government took that Right of ours away. They are also planning on taking our right to drive off road without registering and paying huge coin for insurance here in BC. I know that ontario and alberta are already getting screwed up there asses. Looks like rich corperations can cut down and burn everything in sight and make money destroying out planet. Pretty soon I wont beable to use any of the roads or trails that they make to have a little fun after all the shit that surrounds me. All I can say is 100 years from now the only thing I see binge legal is for 80 year old rich men having sex with 18 year old teenagers and all the poor people paying 50% tax on what they make from minimum wage going home to there fat ugly girlfriends.
  7. I live in the middle of town and theres some trails about 7 blocks away and once im there I can go anywere I want. The problem is its all up hill. Im certain it was a undercover. It had bull bars and he was chasing me. I was trying to dodge him and he drove up onto this grassy medium as I was turning around and I was able to get away but thinking of he hit me I would got screwed with more fines and they would take my bike away. I feel like the goverment is hurding us like a bunch of sheep. I wish I didnt live in town and more out in the country. Its impossible to avoid cops. I dont like them cause they dont give warnings or give a shit. They just say your a lier and talk out there ass and give me enormous fines and tell me I cant do this I cant do that. When theres plenty worse happening around. I dont live in a super small city but it doesnt have high rises or any sort its population is like under 20 thousand. I just dont see why cops have to be so retarded over me trying to get to the trails to ride my bike. I take the least populated roads and theres cops all over the place. I hate the goverment and I hate police. Im just wondering if its ok for a police to knock you off your bike. I just want to make sure Im better off running from them then getting screwed over. Ive ran from the cops twice now. In a car and on a motorbike and its actually saved my ass instead of being obendient and eating shit.
  8. lol. ok cool
  9. I was riding my motor bike and just as i got out of the trails and onto the road there was an undercover that I think tried to hit me on my motor bike to get me to stop as I was turning away from him. I then punched it and got away back into the trail. My question are cops allowed to hit you off of your motorbike?
  10. YA!!!! Its the new yz450 2 stroke. They double lobed the cams. Its design is based of the 4 stroke 450 for proven reliability. It feches 100hp double that of that old and tired 4 joke. 2 STROKES 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!!
  11. Ive put about 30 hours( not racing) on my bike and was thinking maybe I should ajust my timing chain tensioner. How would I go about doing this? I just want to make sure its not going to skip a tooth and destoy itself.
  12. I bet it was the heat of the weld that got it out.
  13. Hmm well Ive gotten plenty of bolts red hot without melting the sheet metal that surrounds them. Just gotta be carefull. Fire needs oxygen to burn so if theres plenty of oil in the case theres no oxygen around the bottom of the case there for no fire. Kinda sucks that theres a peace of drill bit stuck inside now. weld wont be strong. if you can get that bolt red and weld a washer on quick enough It should come out like butter.
  14. you shoulda listened to me. Grab the torch and heat the bolt up cherry. Be ready with a washer and pliers. weld the washer onto whatever is left. and turn the washer with the pipe pliers. The easy out really screwed you because now theres not much to weld to. Easy outs rarely ever work. All I here is easy out when somebody has a messed up bolt. You need to use heat to expand the metal. but in his case to soften it because you cant heat the case.
  15. YZ they got an all new design and mass centralization. If I were to buy any dirt bike it would be the 2010 or newer yz 450.