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  1. I've owned my '15 TC250 for awhile now and have mixed feelings. Its bone stock except the suspension is revalved (RaceTech GV's). I loved the bike but recently I bought myself a 2002 RM250, and the TC250 feels so foreign to me now. My Husky feels rough in the suspension department, the motor is a little much, and I feel like I can't ride it confidently without the fear of it slamming me in the ground (mainly because I was slammed into the ground leading my race and trapped under my bike, and again today going in to a simple corner). My 2002 RM250 (completely stock) handles SO MUCH better than my Husky and frankly, I have more fun on it too. Now I'm stuck. I'm thinking on selling it to buy a brand spanking new RMZ250. My other option would be to get Ohlins inserts and a Traxx shock to see if that would solve my headache but that's a ton of dough to throw away if it doesn't feel better.
  2. Derick515

    rm125 or yz125?

    Ill chime in. I owned a 2005 YZ125 and a 2003 YZ125. I loved them both. I loved the way they felt and the power. My '05 was the best I ever had in regards to a 125. I raced my 250 and 450 Beginner MX classes on it and placed Top 3 every weekend racing it. I put about 60 hours on the top end before ever replacing the piston and the compression was still good. Fast forward 3 years to today. I currently have a 2002 RM 250 and its probably the best bike I have ever owned, and I have rode it 5 times. I have owned a '15 YZ250 that was good, then now I have a '15 TC250 that is a little better IMO, and now I have my RM250. My RM250 is confidence inspiring to me. I can come into a corner as fast as I want to and know it'll stick. I've always been told if the bike is an extension of your body, then that's when you'll be the fastest. Everyone has a different preference. Both are good choices, but if it were me, I'd choose RM125.
  3. Derick515

    150sx or TC250?

    I currently have a 2015 TC250. I've probably put around 10-15 hours on the machine. I like how it handles and the power. I've raced for years, C class on 125s, and I never really got tired in a 5 lap race. I wouldn't really get armpump or none at all, barely broke a sweat and I placed top 5 most of the time on a 125. Now that I'm on a 250 2 stroke, its different. I ride 2-3 laps and I'm smoked. I get arm pump, and can't really push like I could on my CR125, that I still have. I love my TC250 but I'd hate to sell it because I've had it for 9 months. Plus I don't have a lot of fun on the machine as I do my cr125. What should I do? I want to tame the TC250 down to see if I'd like it better, how would I go that route? Or sell it to buy a 150sx?
  4. Derick515

    cr 85 vs crf 150f

    Always go with a 2-Stroke! Cheaper rebuilds! You have to know what your doing to go fast on them though!
  5. I have a 2003 Honda CR85 small wheel. I see a 2002 CR80E big wheel. I test drove it today, and it felt way more stiffer than my bike, but better. I was more fitted for it, but my bike is the better bike. Should I wait and sell to get a 125?