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  1. Got everything ordered from partzilla, i'll post back with the results!
  2. Ok what was throwing me off was the part numbers for the jets they are different.
  3. I want to do this for my sons bike however most of the information on this mod seems to be for the older bikes. Can anyone help me get the right kit for my sons bike? I plan on letting him do the mods from what I have read we need to remove the restricter from the airbox and baffle from exhaust and re-jet. However as stated I cant find any 2012's that this has been done on. TIA! STOCK 2012 CRF230F Riding temps 40-105 Elevation sea level up to 600ft Not sure what other info is needed.
  4. jlwilsonjr

    Replacing 230f Wheel Bearings

    Just purchased the service manual thanks.
  5. Hoping someone can help me out. My sons rear axle is stuck so today I plan on swinging a hammer at it until it breaks loose. I figure the previous owner never greased it. I also think that most likely I will ruin the wheel bearings when getting the axle out. I Have never changed wheel bearings before can anyone give me a link to how to for replacing the bearings?
  6. jlwilsonjr

    CRF150/230 Pics and Mods

    Ok cool I got him these. He just got the bike so starting to make it his. http://www.ebay.com/itm/391046217453?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  7. jlwilsonjr

    CRF150/230 Pics and Mods

    My son has a 2012 230 and is wanting a Geico graphics kit like this one does anyone know where I can find one?
  8. jlwilsonjr

    2009 KXF450F IS IT WORTH IT !

    I bought a 450f in late summer currently for sale just to much bike for me. I should have bought a kdx or a 250/300.
  9. Sweet! Wish I could install one on my 08!
  10. Bike for my Son. Hello, I've read numerous threads but have not come across one that fits my sons needs. I bought him his first bike back in June an 01 TTR 125. I bought this bike to see if he would take to the sport and he has lovers riding it! However this lil jewel is starting to smoke and needs various other things so I'm going to sell it and get him an upgrade. The problem is WHAT to get. The 125 has enough power for him as he is still learning but the saddle is way to small he is 13 and almost 6'0 with a 36in inseam so he has LONG legs. It seems that the bigger bore bikes fit him better stock but I'm concerned with going up in CC's. Can anyone tell me a good bike to get for a tall rider that is just learning or what mods could be done on a smaller bike to fit a tall rider? Unsure on what to buy. Thanks
  11. jlwilsonjr

    450 for woods riding?

    I jave a KX450F now that I ride woods and trails with. If I had to do it over again I would go down to a 250. I'm not an expert rider so the power is just to much for me for the tight technical stuff.
  12. jlwilsonjr

    2006 KX450F head/tail light questions

    Resurrecting this thread instead of starting a new one. What did you end up going with? I'm looking to do the same mod to my 07.