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  1. Have any of y'all heard of this supposedly bored and stroked http://oklahomacity.craigslist.org/mcy/3290950282.html
  2. Dbacon88


    Ya ya ha ha they have my different colors and patterns guess I'll do my old set and see how it holds up since no ones done it.
  3. Dbacon88


    Have any of u hydrographed ur plastics before. Its a process used to camouflage guns and bows. It appears to be very durable.
  4. Dbacon88

    which CR250?

    Coming off a 2003 crf 450 my 2000 cr 250 feels like I'm riding a cow feels very wide but still turns and maneuvers very well I actually pefer it being 6'2 250 it's like riding a lazy boy with a rocket attached very good fun bike.
  5. You can do it at regular intervals, or you can do it when it is necessary. For example, if you pull the cylinder off to re-ring the piston, and the piston and cylinder are still good (well within spec), there is no sense it changing them, unless you really need that peace of mind that they are new. To me it is a waste of money, especially if you are not gaining any long-term performance by replacing it. However, if the wear is near the limits, change it. I've known bikes that went for years on the same piston ... the key factor was usually maintenance and a well-tuned carb. Just like anything, replace only when needed. [/quote/] Thanks I'm only about 25 hrs on the top end so thanks for the info. Now do u all suggest a full top and bottom rebuild or just replace the parts as necessary
  6. I was just wondering how often u all do a top end rebuild. I'm sure it matters how I ride and all that. I'm just looking for a ball park figure. I don't bounce off the rev limiter or nothing like that I don't race I run mostly open fields and some trails not really high rpm stuff I'd say mid rpm In the meat off the power but I'm not reving it out.
  7. Dbacon88

    Need an opinion

    Damn thanks for the heads up
  8. Dbacon88

    Need an opinion

    Also I really enjoy the bike it rides like a dream I'm wondering how hard is it to do a plastic conversion I'd like to update the look to a newer model
  9. Dbacon88

    Need an opinion

    http://s1067.photobucket.com/albums/u437/dbacon88/?action=view&current=photo-5.jpg. Here's you another photo
  10. Dbacon88


    New sprockets, new chain, started it first kick rode down the road and came back. It's a nice 70 degrees. But I didn't remove enough links so I gotta remove another one then I can ride
  11. Dbacon88

    Need an opinion

    http://m1067.photobucket.com/albumview/albums/dbacon88/photo-1.jpg.html?newest=1. http://m1067.photobucket.com/albumview/albums/dbacon88/photo.jpg.html?newest=1
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    Need an opinion

    The bolts didn't break they just had garbage in the threads looked like some one loctited them
  13. Dbacon88

    Need an opinion

    Not yet still gotta put on the new parts and button everything back up hoping to do it tomorrow
  14. Dbacon88

    Need an opinion

    Finally calmed down enough after a temper tantrum and got them lose and cleaned up gonna run a tap though the holes to clean up the threads on the swingarm
  15. Dbacon88

    Need an opinion

    F in chain adjuster bolts on the swingarm arm f'd up. Tried to heat them It didn't help I guess I'll have to cut me and replace them if I can't figure something else out