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  1. Well after a little research you are correct it is well documented. Seems im not the only idiot out there. Tomorrow im going to let the bike warm up for a long time and measure what im getting out the drain and then try again. A few years ago a yamaha mechanic told me to never remove the oil check bolt due to it being easily overtorqued and possible cracking the case or breaking the bolt.
  2. 2005 YZ 250 two stroke I went to change my oil and decided to do something i have never done. That is pull the oil level check bolt and see if I have been servicing the engine enough until it drains oil out the check bolt. I have always just drained the oil and serviced back up with 750ml. Once i started to service the engine back up with 750ml of oil the oil started coming out the check bolt hole with only putting in 350ml. I have never pulled the check bolt on an oil service before so now i wandering if I have been doing this wrong for years. When i drained the oil i let it drain for about a half hour. Am I not getting all the oil out? The bike is level straight up and down when i drain the oil and service it. Anybody have any suggestions.
  3. One thing that helped me from the begining when i started to jet my bike was learn how to read your plug. I cant explain it but you can google it. A quick reference i know is NGK website.
  4. Thank you I did a little research on it and found it to be a common question. I may have jumped the gun a little by posting this issue before doing adequate research. Again thanks
  5. After a long winter I just fired up my 2005 YZ 250 and at idle I noticed a little bit of of white/grey exhaust coming out of the drain. It has been about 6 months since it has been started but over the winter i have done some mods. Boysen power reeds, brand new air filter, cleaned the carb, put in a 175 main jet, 48 pilot jet, fresh gas with amsoil interceptor 40:1 and new plug. Last year I ran yamalube 2stroke oil but never noticed any exhaust from the power valve just some black fluid occasionally dripping. The only thing I have done so far is let the bike idle to warm up so i can start trying to jet it and noticed this exhaust out the power valve. I dont know if it has always been there or maybe from changing 2 stroke oil. The bike idles fine. Also had a brand new top and bottom rebuild on engine las august. I hope this is normal. Any advice would be appreciated.
  6. Ok now that i have the bike torn down and have a good idea on proper jetting i need help with another thing. How do you choose the correct handlebars. My current handlebars are protaper and i think they are contours. I hate them. I dont know if it is because im to tall for them but i think i have to hunch over to much when standing up riding. I am 6'1 and ride trails and the track a little and want a new handlebar. What do you look for in handlebars to meet your body and riding requirments?
  7. This is good stuff I use it at home and at work.
  8. Ok pulled the carb and reeds today. Just as advertised the carb was jetted stock with a main 178, pilot 50, needle clip in second position from the top. The reeds i thought looked fine with no cracks or chipping but i dont know if they have enough snap to them. For $30 i will just get new reeds as well.
  9. Never mind found that jets fit the PWK and PWM. Ordered 48 and 45 pilot
  10. Is the carb a PWK there is a lot of jets out there for keihin.
  11. Also when buying jets do you want the genuine keihin jet or the OEM equivilant keihin jet.
  12. I know the carb is a keihin but is it a PWK 38. I am looking up jets. Also for the for the reed valve. Do you have to replace the whole reed valve assy or can you just replace the reed valve and stopper reed valve. from exploded parts diagrams it looks like you can do that.
  13. Ok tomorow i will pull the carb and the reeds for inspection. I read about timing the bike and am still a little fuzzy on it but will see what i can come up with.
  14. I will get to that some time this week. Will that have an effect on the plug fouling. How do you adjust it? Lets say that is good, the highest octane here at the pump is 90 octane. We have 100LL but that is about $8 a gallon. Maybe add some low lead to the fuel.
  15. I forgot to add that i had the top end and bottom end rebuilt last august by a bud who rebuilds ATVs and bikes on the side. I ran it a handful of times after the rebuild and it ran good but still fouled the plug every day i rode. I did a little research last night and i might try a synthetic oil at 50:1 with a pilot jet adjustment. When i removed the engine for the rebuild i pulled the reeds out and inspected them. I thought they looked fine no cracking or chipping and seemed to work properly. I am almost sure though there still stock. Do they wear out?