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  1. Any updates on this?? Looks awesome!
  2. I have done alot of research on the SXV's and I am aware of the reported issues. Honestly for the amount I will ride I think it will be fine. I went and took a used 2008 SXV 550 for a ride, and all I can say is WOW! The power was amazing and the sound was very reasonable, no ear plugs required! My DRZ is now up for sale. The only reason I did not buy the SXV was that it shows 1500 miles on the odometer, but something tells me that it has more. The rear tire was really scuffed up. I just did not have a good feeling about this particular bike.
  3. Thanks for the input, I am not really worried about the maintenance at all, I put on very few miles (no highway) and don't mind working on bikes. A local shop has a 2008 SXV 550 with low miles for a good price, I am going head over and take it for a ride.
  4. Ya that's what I thought when I bought it, but even riding it as easily as possible still rattles the blinds in the house when I go by. How about the noise from a stock Aprillia SXV 5.5, anyone have any experience with one?
  5. Guys, I picked up a used 2006 DRZ400SM, mods are as follows: 3X3 Athena Big Bore Yosh Cams FCR Carb with jetting verified by Eddie E-model CDI Box MRD SSW exhaust. Typical weight saving mods. After I bought the bike I checked valve adjustment and performed a cylinder leakage test and everything was good. The bike runs well. Now for my delema: The bike has OK power but I certainly would not want any less, and I have laready been toying with the idea of sending it to Eddie for the stroker/RHC treatment. Problem is it that it way too loud. I bought this bike to commute with and there is no way I can leave at 6AM without pissing off the whole block of neighbors. From my research on this forum it seems that you pretty much have to run the loud MRD/SSW exhaust for a high HP DRZ to run well. At this point I am looking at buying a 2007 WR450 and converting it to supermoto. My thinking is that it will be as fast or maybe faster than my DRZ is right now, and have a quieter stock exhaust system. Does this seem correct? Any input is greatly appreciated. P.S. I am not worried about any extra maintenance on the WR. Thanks, Clint
  6. Eddie, Yes the pilot air jet is removed. I will make the adjustment on the needle, unfortunately the weather here has taken a turn for the worse and I may not be able to try it right away.
  7. Thanks Eddie, pic below as you requested.
  8. Eddie, Not sure where the fcr came from. The guy that I bought the bike from only had it a short while, he bought the bike from the original owner who did all of the modifications. Clint
  9. These are the current specs
  10. Hello, I am new here and I have just purchased a used DRZ400SM. The mods are as follows: Athena big bore kit FCR39 carb MRD/SSW exhaust without quiet insert Aftermarket cams (previous owner could not remember which cams because they were installed by the owner before him) E model CDI The bike runs well but there is excessive popping during deceleration. I have searched and realize that some decel popping is normal but this is excessive. I have checked the valve adjustment, performed a cylinder leak-down test, checked for vacuum and exhaust leaks, everything seems OK, oh and the bike does not have a 'Pair' Valve. So with that being said I was hoping some of the many experts here could verify my jetting specs. The current carb jetting specs are as follows: Altitude: 3740 ft Avg Temp: 53 deg F Fuel: 93 octane pump gas Main Jet: 155 Pilot Jet: 48 Main Air Jet: 200 Pilot Air Jet removed Needle: EMP position 6 Air Screw: 1 3/4 turns out O-Ring mod has be done You help is greatly appreciated! Clint