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  1. Montizano

    Do I need a skidplate for Moto Cove?

    Yeah, You convinced me not to ride there alone. Should have a skip plate by next weekend though (don't think that would protect against the damage the ktm sustained though!) and will be up for riding somewhere... -Monti
  2. Montizano

    Looking for people to ride with

    @front royalty tried to get a skid plate shipped by thursday but no luck. thinking of heading out to moto cove friday (heading to seattle sunday) and riding, then camping over night. maybe we could meet somewhere saturday. preferably somewhere without case damaging rocks... -Monti
  3. Montizano

    Do I need a skidplate for Moto Cove?

    Anywhere in VA to ride without one? I will put one on - just haven't got to it yet... On that note - anywhere between DC and front royal that might have a skid plate for a 2009 yz250 in stock? -Monti
  4. Montizano

    Looking for people to ride with

    Someplace without too many rocks? Does that even exist in western VA? I don't have a skip plate on my yz250 and have been informed that I need one for moto cove or TG. Is there anywhere around ft royal that might have a skid plate for a 2009 yz250? BTW - I am a beginner rider, been riding street bikes for 20 years and mountain bikes even longer, but just getting up to speed on motorized dirt bikes... -Monti
  5. Montizano

    Looking for people to ride with

    Anyone interested in riding this weekend? I'd like to go friday and saturday (leaving from DC). -Monti
  6. I'm thinking of heading to Motocove Friday (http://www.motocove.com/) but am getting a bit worried after reading some reviews. Looks like it is really rocky and I don't have a skid plate on my yz250. Will this be a problem? Is it better to head to Tasker's Gap? Anybody interested in riding Friday and/or Saturday? Some background - I'm a new rider, but have lots of experience on road bikes and mountain bikes (lots of rocks). The bike is mainly stock with the exception of a heavier flywheel and a FMF spark arrestor. -Monti
  7. ok, sounds good! Forgot to mention I'm running yamalube @ 32:1 and riding mostly off road at small throttle openings. -Monti
  8. I need a little help with my jetting. I have waded through many of the jetting threads but still dont have a good answer... Eventually I will take the time to jet my yz250 but right now I don't have the time (or a place) to jet the bike. I live in DC and it is 1.5 hours to the nearest riding area with nowhere to do a long open throttle run. So I would like to set the bike up with fairly conservative jetting that won't sieze my piston or spooge too much! Here's my setup: 2009 yz250 factory heavy flywheel retarded 2 degrees from stock FMF Q Stealth conditions: 80-95 degrees f humid 0-2000ft elevation I will be riding in southern MD and in the Shenandoah mountains RIght now it is running rich on the stock jetting. I set the pilot screw I am thinking of either going to 48 pilot / 175 main or 45 pilot / 172 main and leaving the needle stock. How does this sound? Should I consider messing with the needle or a different needle altogether? Thanks! Monti
  9. Montizano

    replacement seals for a 2009 yz250

    I think I'll just use the stock seals. I see there is a seal rebuild kit ( 5XE-W003B-00-00) Does this include the fork bushings? Dust shields? Will one kit rebuild both fork tubes? On a related note - what is the plastic piece around the fork located above the dust shield and secured by a steel spring? I'm missing one, but can't tell what the purpose is. SInce they are rather expensive, I am wondering in it needs to be replaced. Thanks, Monti
  10. I finally got to take my new to me yz250 out (sometimes it sucks living in DC) and besides breaking the clutch cable in the middle of the woods and a leaky fork seal the bike is working really well. I'm going to get a oem replacement clutch cable, but not sure what to get for the fork seals. Seems like the oem seals don't last very long so I'm thinking of getting aftermarket seals. I hear good things about the synergy seals but they don't mention anything about yamaha seals on the website. Any recommendations? Secondly, what weight and level (volume) for the oil? I'm about 210 and will be doing mostly trail riding. Thanks! Monti
  11. I'm looking for a new pair of boots and really want the Sidi Crossfire SRSs, but they just don't fit (i've got a wide foot 8 1/2-9, most sidis in a 43 fit very well, but the SRS in a 44 still isnt wide enough). So I am looking at the TA however no stores in the area carry them. I have been able to try the charger on in a 43 and they fit nicely. So my questions: How close do the TAs fit vs the Chargers? (Especially in the forefoot, I noticed the crossfire has a piece of plastic that goes all the way around the foot, where the protector on the charger only goes part way which may allow the charger to stretch in the forefoot area). How does the protection of the Charger compare to the TA? I had a bad ankle injury (pulled the cartilage off the ankle joint - I recommend NOT doing that...) so I am willing to pay for the best ankle protection possible. I've have scoured all the threads about the side boots and have not been able to find specific details on fit and protection differences. Thanks, Monti
  12. Montizano

    Matrix Concepts Stand and Utility Can

    I was also looking at the ogio stand. Seems like a really well thought out design. Does it work as well as advertised? Pumpkin - is it possible to pour the gas without it spilling? or does it always drip when trying to pour that last bit of gas? Any other stands or cans I should be looking at?
  13. I need a stand for my yz250 (2009) and a can for premix. I'm looking at the Matrix M2 worx stand and the M3 utility can. The stand looks sturdy and has a drain hole and removable tray + it is designed to hold the M3 can. I also like the Yamaha aluminum stand, but there is no oil drain hole in the stand (anyone know of a similar heavy duty aluminum stand with a drain hole - does the drain hole even matter, especially with the skid plate?). The matching M3 utility can seems like a nice can. I like the separate filler/pour holes and the handle location on the side and bottom. Seems to be a nice shape and I like the ability to load it into the stand for travel is nice especially since the can and stand will be riding inside my element with the bike on a trailer behind it so I really don't want to worry about it falling over and spilling. I have heard about issues with the spout and the plastic so I am a bit concerned about that. I'm a total newbie to the world of dirt bikes so all help is appreciated. thanks, Monti
  14. I'm looking to get a nice compression tester. I'm willing to spend a little more money and get something well built rather than cheap crap that breaks after one use... I ordered an OTC 5606 but I am not sure it is well built (the dial is crooked in the case out of the box - seems like cheap chinese gear) and am thinking about exchanging it: http://www.amazon.com/OTC-5606-Compression-Tester-Kit/dp/B000R5CPAQ The other two that seem a bit better are : Mityvac 5530 Professional Compression Tester Kit for about $65: http://www.amazon.com/Mityvac-5530-Professional-Compression-Tester/dp/B0002WSC0G and the Motion Pro Compression Tester for about $95 (seems the most sturdy, but shorter hoses): http://www.amazon.com/Motion-Pro-Compression-Tester/dp/B004P7TMXK All three of these use adapter hoses so no worries of the adapter getting left on the engine. Anyone have experience with any of these? Others I should be looking at? Thanks, Monti
  15. Montizano

    New to dirt biking and a 2009 yz250!

    Thanks for all the help everyone. Especially Josh for the jetting chart (nice bike btw) and Capt Dan for the bearings suggestions. I think I'll keep it mostly stock to begin with (the FMF to start with) and slowly mod as I get used to it. Anyone in the DC area want to go riding? -Monti