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  1. Hey guys, I'm looking at picking up a 2009 XC-f and noticed that the rear shock is connected directly to the swingarm. Is there a distinct disadvantage to not having it connected to/by linkage? I'm fairly new to motocross but would be using it for a primarily xc races with some mx thrown in there. Thanks
  2. He better watchout or some &%$#@!'s gonna put him in his place.
  3. I injured my shoulder on March 19 of this year. I sustained a dislocated shoulder, fractured humerus, partially torn rotator cuff and torn posterior labrum. I had surgery three days ago and am feeling a lot better than I expected I would. I know this is going to be a long recovery but I'm buckling down and getting ready for it. Surgery was a breeze, I dont start PT until the 11th but I expect that to be rough.
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    Somebody Stop ME!

    I'm going to begin with looking for a kx 60 parts bike. Its sounds less expensive than I thought. Thanks a lot!
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    Somebody Stop ME!

    Smacaroni, In the first pictures of your pw80, how did you extend the forks? I'm assuming they came off a different bike. I'm wanting to raise my daughters ttr90 1.5 to 2" max, I figured out a way to raise it in the back about 2" but Is there a way to modify the stock forks to compensate for the 2'' lift in the rear? I saw some lift "kit" sold on ebay, but I read another post on TT indicating it was not worth the money. I'm not wanting to dump a ton of money into the bike as she will probably out grow it this year. Thanks