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  1. BikerX

    San Felipe coverage

    Wow, I am gone for a week or so and I come back to read that I am a team owner operating anoumously. Sorry to dissapoint folks but I am just a regular middle-aged guy with an opinion. Oh wait, maybe we are not supposed to express our opions here. In reading this it appears someone eluded to the the fact that a post by someone else has kept others (me i guess) from posting stuff in the forums. Sorry to say but the only thing that has kept me from posting was helping my sister bury her 17 year-old son (my nephew) who was killed by a drunk driver. The only 2 messages I have are; 1. Don't drink and drive. 2. I am glad none of the riders were seriously hurt in Baja this past weekend. Oh wait, there is a third. Congrats to Caselli/Ramirez and KTM. Nice ride. Over and out!
  2. BikerX

    2012 San Felipe 250! Are you ready.

    SCORE is where its at because of inconsistent enforcement of rules, favoritism, and for being unfriendly to teams that have offered some real competition in class 22 and I am sure others as well. They simply don't get it. The whole operation is questionable starting with their "random computer drawings" for starting positions. They have put themselves where they are! The only thing that gets teams down there is the allure of Baja. It has nothing to do with SCORE.
  3. BikerX

    Who is going to win the San Felipe 250?

    Well since I started this forum the least i can do is give my 2 cents. I would have to say the THR team based mostly on recent results as mentioned by Justin. Bell and Pearson have been kicking butt in all of their events, Destry has been right in there as well. We all know Bob Bell at Precision Concepts preps a serious bike and they have had little if any mechanical problems so we know the Kawi will be solid. I say if these guys keep it on two wheels they be first overall. They also need to be free of any questionable penalities issued by score and their line selction needs to be solid. We all know the JCR bike is starting in the back for a reason don't we?
  4. BikerX

    2012 San Felipe 250! Are you ready.

    Good point Justin, these guys are going to be pushing it to the limit. I saw Kendall do a nice get off in the 1000 at about 60 or 70 when THR was hot on his tail. I swear I don't know how he and the bike got through that with little or no issues.
  5. Ok folks as we know the teams that have a real shot at winning this thing a pretty much announced and settled in...enough of the drama of who is going to ride with who and which team screwed over which rider. Who is going to win and why?
  6. BikerX

    2012 San Felipe 250! Are you ready.

    Chilly I am with you this is completely crazy! We need to start making this fun....we need to start a new topic called "who is gonna win baja?"
  7. BikerX

    2012 San Felipe 250! Are you ready.

    And so the plot thickens....this is going to be an amazing year in Baja!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Destry with the THR guys just made things very, very interesting.
  8. BikerX

    2012 San Felipe 250! Are you ready.

    Nicely done Justin.
  9. BikerX

    2012 San Felipe 250! Are you ready.

    Justin how do you know that? Why hasnt THR posted anything about this or are you just trying to fire up another rumor?
  10. BikerX

    2012 San Felipe 250! Are you ready.

    I think we all know who Lurker likes! The facts are simple...WGAF about all the drama regarding who is riding with who, this is going to be the best BAJA season in a long time or possibly ever. SCORE should be thanking the off-road racing Gods for teams like KTM and THR stepping up to the plate as well as KN for whatever he is going to do. JCR has been racing against themsleves for years and this type of action is exactly what we all needed! I am ready for some serious racing and I dont really care who wins. Everyone just come back home safe!