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  1. I had to split the cases on my 07 sxf, and i cant get the trans to shift into 1st and neutral when i put the cases back together. at first i had the main shift fork in the wrong slot on the drum, and then i put it back into the right place, with all 3 sliding gears in neutral (so the countershaft doesnt turn when the main does) and i tried it again, and it will shift only 3 times and its really hard to get it to shift. so i tried it again, same thing. i have the stop washer on the bearing side of the countershaft, and the washer on the main on the outside, but i have one more washer and i have no idea where its goes, it seems like it would go on the countershaft after the larger washer, but then i cant get the kickstart idler lock ring on. i think im putting in the drum wrong. what position should the 3 slider gears be in when i put it in?!!!!!
  2. Theyre good, fast bikes, and its when KTM finally started making good bikes for racing. Make sure you change the oil after 2 rides.
  3. Matt Paderta

    2007 250SXF engine repair manual

    come on guys...just email me the pdf thats on the disc!! please
  4. Matt Paderta

    2007 250SXF engine repair manual

    did you get yours on a CD or is it a book?
  5. could some one please email me the engine repair manual?!! my sxf siezed a crank bearing!! mpaderta@yahoo.com