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  1. I can only speak by what I see, but so far, resale seems to be great for Pitsters. There's 5 pitster pit bikes listed in my local area, all are over $1000, selling for about 70-80% of original value, and there's still 6" of snow on the ground here. A few of the full size four strokes have been bought and sold for about the same. As far as dealer support, at least in my state there's more Pitster dealers than there are Beta, Gas Gas, and Sherco dealers combined, and we see no shortage of those on the trails here. A 2005 KDX 220 MSRP was $4499, which adjusted to inflation to 2018 would be $5874. If they still made them, would we have seen any design improvements other than BNG. Theoretically speaking, say this bike was as high of quality as a KTM, or even higher quality -- say that of a TM, or even better... but was made in China. What would it be worth to you? Say it had a wide ratio CR500 engine in it with electric start, parked in the same frame, with 74 horsepower and weighed 218lbs? What would it be worth then? The answer is, it's hard to say. Everyone's opinion will be different. There are many people who won't give it a second glance because of it's country of origin, and there are others who would say "omg, a wide ratio CR500 with electric start with all that stuff? I can't buy or build that that anywhere; I don't care what it costs!" I can't speak on quality because I don't have the bike yet. From everything I have seen thus far, it appears to be every bit on par with everything else in the business. The closest thing we have to a "modern KDX 220" are the discontinued KTM 200 which can't be bought new, the current KTM 150 at an MSRP of $7,999, and a Beta XTrainer 250 at $7,299. So will it sell? Time will tell. It's priced significantly lower than it's closest competition and offers features none of the others do. If Christini is any indication as to how "good" the Chinese can make motorcycles, I'm not too worried. There's no shortage of rave reviews on those. Time will tell, but it's definitely a bike to watch.
  2. You may be pleasantly surprised. The Pitster 2015-2017 model 4 strokes were very much in line with what's available today. Pro Tune mentioned Showa seals, KYB springs. The new suspension appears to look like WP Xplores. I can't say for sure how good it is because I don't have one yet, but Fast Ace seems to be the real deal. AJP uses them too in their PR4. I'm gonna need stiffer springs regardless so I'll be in there eventually and will report what i find.
  3. I've got one of these on pre-order. I'll be posting my findings and ride reports over on I've owned dozens of bikes and have ridden for nearly 30 years. If it's good, I'll tell ya. If it's crap, I'll tell ya that too I've owned good, crap, and everything in between. If I thought it was gonna be crap, I sure as heck could have found something else to spend a huge chunk of change on. Pitty's liquid cooled 4 strokes are proving to be the real deal. I suspect this'll be no different. If it is, I guess I'm in trouble, cause I sold my entire fleet for this thing.
  4. mapping and tuning and G2 throttle tamer serves two different purposes. Throttle tamer turns your fuel injection feel into a carb feel right off throttle. Instead of "on/off" it can roll on and roll off without surge. Mapping isn't going to do that. I tried and tried and tried to get rid of the surge on mine. Finally got a G2, and it was well worth it. The bike is still a monster, but it's a little more tame on the single. Mapping helped, throttle tamer helped more.
  5. All my dirt bikes have license plates. Street, dirt, doesn't matter, i just ride.
  6. bwhahahah.. until you start losing your buddies on the trail and have to catch up, etc. people rarely "tone it down" a notch.. it just doesn't work that way, at least for me.
  7. Don't try a Trakmaster II 760 then or it'll be your first. No idea why the guys in my club love them so much... I've chunked two.
  8. I asked the guy in my club what he uses, and he uses the Dunlop D908 Rally Raid rear... pricy, but it's the only one he can't chunk no matter how he rides his 690.
  9. Buy new. Never ride. ...the same thing the Harley riders do.
  10. The Kenda Washegoul front seems like a great tire, but I can't speak to its pavement longevity. My buddy runs one on his Beta 300RR and it's a hell of a lot wider than my Pirelli Scorpion. It doesn't feel goofy in the sand at all. I've been thinking of trying it out for more pavement usage. We'll see.
  11. I might be crazy, but I've never found a place where the D606 rear simply doesn't work. Sand, mud, dirt, pavement, etc. I remember sitting in a mud hole shortly after install, planning to blast my cousin in law with mud as he came around the corner. I was on my KTM 400 EXC. Joke's on me, I cracked the throttle and instead of roosting, wheelied out of control, off the trail and into a tree. That right there is some grip.
  12. The 690 shreds tires like mad to begin with due to the torque. Got a guy in my DS club who can chunk out a brand new d606 with his 690, and I've never seen that happen on any bike other than that. The knobs on the d606 rears are ginormous. He also rides extremely aggressively and likes to do 60mph wheelies though. He runs the really expensive steel belted desert tires on his -- not sure the brand, but they're like $160-190 each. The D606 rear though overall is a great tire. Great on road wear, great off-road performance. I've heard to skip the front. No experience with it though. Once it's tire time for my 450F, it's D606 rear, Pirelli Scorpion Pro or Kenda Washegoul front for me. Both DOT approvied.
  13. I don't think in 27 years I've ever replaced a radiator cap on a bike. Ever. I'm also incredibly offended that you're incredibly offended by being lumped into a category. My offendedness takes precedent over yours since I'm the OP. Move along now if you're going to be offended over my offendededness over being offended. I might be due for some engine ice, but don't know if I'm just masking the problem or if it'll actually help. I've got a bottle or two in the shop leftover.
  14. Do all of your lights work properly? I had an instance where I bottomed out my rear suspension and tore the wires in my tail light and didn't realize it because of the plastic housing I ran them in appeared to be fine. The wires were touching, making an incomplete ground and draining my battery.
  15. What did this run you? I've been wanting to get the same in my 12. Rekluse clutches are nice, but you most certainly pay for it.