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  1. Hi guys, I am converting an old kx125 into a dual sport (not to really ride on the road, but to go the mile from my house to the trail without trailering, legally. I have the headlight/taillight that can run off of AC (built in rectifiers) and a regulator. I do not have a stator with a lighting coil. I am trying to get by doing the bare minimum, as I don't plan on using the lights except to pass inspection. I have a three prong plug coming out of the stator into the CDI, and I think one of the wires is a ground. That should leave me with 2 AC power sources? If I tap into either of these, I realize the lighting will be crap and it might even draw so much power as to cut spark, but is it safe to just splice into either of these, and might this be enough to even get the lights to flicker? (Halogen 35w front light, LED rear). I originally tried to cut into the kill switch hot wire, as it was labeled primary voltage in the service manual, but even with everything switched off (just the regulator in line) it would not spark, unhook the regulator and get a perfect spark. I am assuming the kill switch is wired to the high voltage off of the CDI and I was regulating down to ~14v and this is why I killed the spark. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Matt