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  1. Thank you for the detailed explaination. I will look at the carb and play with the gain on the clutch. This site is great. Should have joined a long ttime ago.
  2. I haven't taken a look at the piston yet but I do know the previous owner as well as one of his previous sponsor. Not to say it isn't possible and I have been meaning to pull the pipe and look. Just hoping I can find another answer. But definitely good advice, thank you.
  3. The fuel mixture is one of the other things I'm gonna play with. I've been running about 44 to 1. I was going to run 40 to 1 next and then 50 to 1. Any advice would be appreciated. 2007 YZ 250 2 stroke Thanks ahead of time.
  4. I will check the things you pointed out for sure thanks. When I put the bike in gear it will idle for a second but then stalls should it do that Hill climbs are the only thing this seems to affect. Otherwise it's the best running bike I've owned. This is why I keep looking at the clutch or how I'm using it. Thanks for the info.
  5. What do you think it maight be? I think it is either me using it wrong or some something? actually, It wouldn't let me. When I held the clutch lever in I could rev all I want but as soon as I releasedthe clutch it light it up for a second but as soon as I try and get traction it just bogs down. I am totally open to suggestions about my riding if either of you think thats the issue? I've been off a bike for three years so I'm sure there are some issues with what I do. Thanks for checking out my post and taking the time to answer.
  6. I just bought a 2007 YZ250 with a Rekluse EXP. I ride trails only and I have never ridden an auto clutch before. This past weekend, everytime I did a hill climb the bike would bog down even in 1st and basically run out of power. The top end is new enough and the thing rips any other time but I have no idea what is going on with it. Any advice would be appriciated. Thanks ahead of time.
  7. I looking at the 2 bikes mentioned above ( 2004 kx 250 vs. 2005 rm250). I'm 5'9" around 200lbs and really want the best handling option, power is not a huge issue for me. I hear the RM suspension needs a lot more work to be set up for woods riding and I do like a plush suspension. Both are basically stock with pipe upgrades and I will be converting them to trail bikes to be ridden on mostly single track in Colorado. I've ridden kx's before and liked them but found this pretty nice Rm and wanted to get an opinion. I have heard a couple of mixed comparisons but wanted to present this to a broader audience. Thanks