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    1985 CR 125 HELP!

    He already has the motor taken apart so i can see for my self and other then the top end the bike is in great shap ad like i said i can get a great deal so not treally in the price range to get anything newer, and should the top end be redone by a professional/dealer or can some one like a bay yard mechanic with some skill handle new piston, rings and resleeving?
  2. Kristian Dawe

    1985 CR 125 HELP!

    I plan on slowly restoring it, im getting it for cheap and its in great shape, and its not my first 2 stroke exactly just my others were trail bikes with out a power ban
  3. Kristian Dawe

    1985 CR 125 HELP!

    I need help, I am looking into buying a 1985 Honda CR 125, The guy selling it says it needs a new piston, rings, and sleeve, did a sleeve come stock in these bikes? or is it just a solution when rebuilding, is it much trouble to do all this? and over all is it a good bike, also what things should i look for when going to look at the bike? I REALLY NEED HELP THIS WILL BE MY FIRST 2 STROKE THANKS FOR ANY INFO YOU CAN PROVIDE