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  1. But did you take each jet out and check them for any blockage? Try also checking your choke in the carb to make sure it's fully opening, and that your throttle blade does as well.
  2. Take the seat and airbox off, loosen the carb air boots, now rotate your carb so you unscrew and pull the float bowl off. Find the main Jet, unscrew it, hold it up to the light, most likely something is blocking the little passage. Clean it out with an air compressor or a thin piece of wire until its clear. Reinstall and report back. I had a bike do the same thing.
  3. What caliper/rotor is that? Beringer? I'm wanting one for my Ktm 625.
  4. Anyone in the northern Virginia area wanna meet up and ride? I can't seem to find anybody with sumos around here. Pm if you're interested, I'm in manassas.
  5. Anyone fitted an Led headlight like a Squadron from baja designs on the 625? The stock halogen on this thing is like an oil lantern... Compared to the BD SII led i have on my Xr250r
  6. Just picked up this 06 KTM 625smc, with only 3k miles.. Time to start modifying!
  7. Manassas, Virginia. I'll also be looking for people to ride with.
  8. Just picked up a 06 Ktm 625smc, only had 3k miles on it. I can see it needs an oil change, and the coolant topped off. Could use some new tires as well. And it's got a little lean pop on decel. What should i check, look for, modify? I think its had the emissions stuff removed which is why its a tad lean. And probably needs the main jet and needle adjusted. Any info and opinions are welcomed, this id my first road bike. Coming from an Xr250r
  9. Hah, I'll find out this year, And get a video of him! I know its a Honda 4 stroke, and does have shocks in the front and i think the rear as well. So it's one of the later models, Its at least 200cc's. He actually bought an old xr250 and was horrible on it.. We were sidehilling on a pretty steep incline and he just couldn't figure out how to ride perpendicular to the hill. So i hopped on, motored it to level ground and let him use my Atv. We all had a good laugh on how he's like Travis Pastrana on the 3 wheeler.. But can't ride a normal dirtbike to save his life.
  10. That makes sense, I'll take some videos of this nasty hill I always have trouble with Memorial weekend. We have a guy who sucks on a dirtbike, is okay on a Atv, but is an absolute mad man on a 3 wheeler...! He tackles this nasty kill with relative ease on that death trap, he's got tightly spaced knobbies, almost like turf tamers. I'm sure it helps.. But it's a spectacle to watch him blast up that thing. I would say the hill is at least 1000 feet in distance to the top. And with the deep leaves, ruts, and rocks.. It's a tough one.. And impossible at night.
  11. Forget that.. I just hit the decomp lever and pop the clutch going back down.
  12. I'm surprised you have problems being heavier and a xr400. Funny thing is, i could go up any hill on my old ttr-225, that thing rode like a Cadillac, super soft suspension and it weighed like 270lbs? Even though it was anemic in power compared to the XR, it was great at hill climbs, it also sat lower, so I'm guessing the center of gravity was lower and helped as well.
  13. I have set the sag properly, don't remember offhand what the sag height should be when i get on it. But i did it a few years back. I'll try the 6psi and play with the compression and rebound settings. One thing i know that isn't helping is the Sedona front tire I'm running... That thing has a sidewall harder than steel and to get any flex ir decent tracking i have to keep the pressure low. But then its seems to squirm. I hate it, need to get a better intermediate front. The rear is a new kenda Millville, the one that can be switched direction for soft or intermediate terrain. And yeah, i tell my friends they're fat.. They've all got at least 60lbs on me, so they have a much easier time on those hills. I'll try softening everything up and see if my traction increases.
  14. 00 Xr250r, I'm about 145lb in gear. And always have a difficult time with nasty hills. Keep the tire pressure lower to help, but was curious what would be a good setting for the compression and rebound on the rear shock. My fat friends can usually get up the hills no problem on my bike. So im thinking i need to soften the compression, but maybe leave the rebound the same. As the suspension compresses to soak up thr bumps going up hill, I'd think you'd want the rebound to be rather quick or hard, to keep the tire in contact and keep up forward momentum. Thoughts?
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