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    YZ250 kick start preventive fix summary

    I finally got around to finishing this. The 2001 parts worked perfectly. Bought a used 2001 kick axle, a used 2001 clutch side cover, a used 2001 kick lever assembly, a new cover gasket, a new water pump cover gasket, and the bolt and washer for the 2001 kick lever assembly. The 2001 kick lever is a little shorter than the 2002, but it fits fine, and tucks up out of the way. Went together with no problems. Now we will see how long it lasts. There was another post recomending machining the 2002 case to fit the 20 mm kick axle seal, and I see no reason that this would not work. Depends on how much it would cost to buy a used cover versus how much to do the machining. I only paid $50 for the complete cover, so there is not a lot of money to spend for machining. Thanks to all of the early posters who got me going in the right direction. My son had broken 2 kick axles, and I was ready to deep 6 this sucker. This was a simple fix, and saved me the expense of starting over on making a YZ 250 into a trail machine.
  2. WR250_YZ250

    YZ250 kick start preventive fix summary

    I'm ready to pull the trigger on replacing the 2002 parts on my bike with 2001. I only had one concern. Is the spring end of the kick axle the same size/diameter on both the 2001 and 2002? I note that on that end of the shaft, the torsion spring is the same part number, but the Spring Guide is different. If this end of the axle is the same diameter, then I believe the parts required would be: 2001 Kick Axle Assy 5CU-15601-01-00 2001 Cover, Crankcase #3 5CU-15431-00-00 2001 Oil Seal 93102-20484-00 2001 Kick Crank Assy 4EW-15620-02-00 All other parts from the 2002 should work except for the bolt and washer to attatch the kick cran assy. I hope to have my hands on a 2001 Kick Axle Assy by the end of the week, so I can measure the diameters.