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    New to me YZ80, need some help

    Sorry, I forgot to add that I did replace the water pump and the oil seal gasket. The water pump shaft was scored pretty good and there was some play in the seal. My question was mainly if the gear oil was contaminated and how would that affect the clutch? Thanks again for any help. CDR Dan
  2. TT Crew- We recently got, a new to us, 1987 YZ80. IT started and ran without a problem, however the clutch was very sluggish and would slip then not engage completely. The longer we rode it around his yard, the better the clutch got, I'm guessing what little water was in the gear oil was evaporating and allowing the clutch to work fine, you could see some of the evaporating oil/ water mixture come out the over flow tube. The previous owner said the water pump needed replaced and that it was leaking water into the gear oil cause of a bad seal. I got the cover off tonight and sure enough when I crack it about 40cc of water came out first and then there was small bubbles of water in the gear oil. My questions is, what should the gear oil look like? I've attached pictures for reference of what it looked like coming out. I know there was some contamination, but was it completely trashed? Trying to decide if I need to pull the clutch and inspect it or just put it back together with new gear oil. The oil seemed to be pretty thick still and is clinging to the gears inside, so it couldn't be that watered down. Just looking for an opinion, any and all help is greatly appreciated, thanks. CDR Dan
  3. Danzboys

    1982? Suzuki PE175

    Here's another thought, would my running gear switch over to an RM chassis of the same year? LCDR Dan
  4. Danzboys

    1982? Suzuki PE175

    Well, this is true, however, I can't find a single motorcycle junkyard around here, which is crazy to me. I live near VA Beach, so it's not like it's a complete rural area. Anyway, I think I'm just gonna work on getting it rideable and continue my parts search. I measured the rear shocks and have found some that I think might work. My son only weighs 100lbs, so he won't cause any issues, my butt is a different story so we'll see. If you know of any online cycle junk yards, please let me know. LCDR Dan
  5. Danzboys

    1982? Suzuki PE175

    Well crap!! I did more reserach last night and looked at pics, skematics, and diagrams and did figure out that mine is not a 1982. I prefer the monoshock version of course. I ordered the clutch cable and did a once over on the bike. I got a great deal and like I said it runs great, hoping the cable will clear up what the kid perceived was a bad clutch, we'll see, clutches are cheap either way. The shocks are a different story. I can tell they are the original dual rate ones, only issue is the metal separation tabs are bent. Only thing I can think to do is measure them and try to find a substitute. I do like the idea of finding a 1982-1984 frame with the monoshock, but figure that's like finding a needle in a haystack. I've tried to find some bone yards, but having little luck on the internet. I'd consider selling it to someone for a restoration, but I see you're in Michigan and I'm in VA, so that won't work. For now, I'm gonna try to get her ridebale and a bit more presentable, after that who knows. Thanks for the information and pictures, if you know where I can get a PE frame with monoshock, I'm all ears. LCDR Dan
  6. Danzboys

    1982? Suzuki PE175

    Alright, I'm new here and just picked up a 1982 (they thought) PE175. The bike fires up, is in rough looking shape and needs a clutch cable, otherwise she just needs some TLC. The rearend is the dual shock version and they need replaced. The question I have is, can I swap in the monoshock "full floater" rear end that came on some of these PEs? I've been able to find some of the major parts, but not sure if it will bolt up to what I have or not. Any suggestions that any one has is greatly appreciated. LCDR Dan