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  1. YZ300NZ

    YZ300 help mid throttle wont run clean YZ295

    gudday yeah have got it all dialed in now, The timing was retarded 1-2 degrees to try to reduce pinking but its still there when the bike gets hot (NZ gas is not the best!) even though the head was setup for pump gas its still needs a bit more out of the head to lower the comp. Over all very happy with the bike and the power! bit dissapointed in the time it took to get gear back from Eric (4.5 months) but worth the wait. Final set up 45PJ 172 MJ #8 Slider @ sealevel, with about 1.5 degree retard, boyseen power valve, Gnarly pipe, .....and with a splash of AV gas runs perfectly in the Scrub and deep sand. goodluck
  2. YZ300NZ

    YZ300 help mid throttle wont run clean YZ295

    gudday..... finally in ball park with a 42PJ,172MJ, #8Slider, 1 turn out Air screw, std needle jet (atm!), std timing, still abit of run on at idle after a thrash so may change to thicker HG. goodluck tuning!
  3. YZ300NZ

    YZ300 help mid throttle wont run clean YZ295

    Gudday fellas OK....tested the 300 again yesterday, running at sea level, 52PJ, 172MJ and now a brand new #8 Slider with the standard needle jet.........Still missing and a surge in power from PJ to NJ so guess too rich on the pilot in the bush, but was pinking/pre igniting after a caning in deep sand and back at idle....very frustrating as i want a safe tune for most conditions! Have just put a 48 PJ in today but its still got a slight miss on the road but will know more once i get it back in the bush and the engines hot.........running outa patience with this......starting to look for a dyno tuner! Any more suggestions appreciated, worried about cleaning up the miss by dropping the PJ then seizing it in sand? might follow 'primeribs' lead and drop in a 178 MJ for saftey in the top end revs........ cheers
  4. YZ300NZ

    YZ300 help mid throttle wont run clean YZ295

    Hey fellas, I have just built the YZ300 engine from top to bottom with rad valve and Gnarly pipe, 14oz Fly weight and i am experiencing the same as above........did this solve the problem dirtnap? will try the 48PJ, 172MJ and i have ordered the #8 Slider.any input appreciated..........