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    KLX fork upgrade questions

    My forks and shock are ready for a rebuild. I way 140 pounds. My question is should I get the klx300 suspension rebuilt and valved for my weight or should I look into the KX forks. Also Brewster do you know a rough ball park on how much it cost to do that? Is there a place to buy the spacers?
  2. I dont have any experience with the other boots mentioned but I bought the SG10's. Couldnt pass the price for $312 shipped. I have skinny legs and narrow feet and they fit fine but the rachet is almost tapped out. The gel memory foam or whatever it is, is really comfortable too. First time out in the boots we ended up pulling over and explored some caves. I probably hiked 5 miles in them. I thought I was going to have blister but feet were fine. But the same couldnt be said for my buddy in his broken in Thors. All in all Im really happy with the boot so far
  3. Does anyone know if the fmf mega bomb header and fmf muffler from a KLX250s will fit a KLX300?