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  1. the update is that the local tracks close for weather way too much!
  2. last time we rode you were so drunk the night before that you ate a napkin, lush
  3. got it spun up in 4th gear on the stand and it wobbled a little but rode it on the street and couldnt feel any difference with the balance out, maybe with lower profile tires, higher tire pressure and higher speed you'd notice it
  4. after i ride it i might inflate it until the welds pop and see what pressure they can take
  5. riding it saturday, if it passes high pressure test, the tire goes on nicely, my only issue so far is the dowel pins are a bit tighter fit than need be, im staying optomistic about the strength of the setup but at this point im still bringing a backup wheel with me
  6. Most guys lean it over pretty far and lift from the seat using their hip, my bike has no grab spot so i just lift from the spokes in the top of the rear wheel on chain side
  7. Mine just did same thing, clogged petcock valve, i never really cleaned my tank out cause i run an inline fuel filter, lesson learned, always clean tank out
  8. i like where your heads at with the cold start.....would make snow scrambles much easier
  9. doesnt matter bike is ruined cause now you have too much power
  10. i highly recommend you go ride "little O" for some fun sand, its close enough to you, higher speed bowl corner stuff and they just groomed it
  11. i just had this problem last weekend, my buddies like the technical (slow) trails so i boiled over twice, my fix for this will be to stay on mx track but you may want to try engine ice and a high pressure rad cap, listen for pre-ignition, it will sound like the engine is knocking and falling apart
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