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  1. Some States yes, Some States no, there are even a few states were you are not allowed to pump your gas but have to still have an attendant do it for you.
  2. The direction you are already thinking about taking is a good start and most likely will take care of your problem. You have to maintain your machine and that at times means taking apart the powervalve and cleaning it. Especially if you do not know how many hours are on that top end...
  3. Watch out for the bow hunters and the shot gun guys going for quail/dove... they get a bit pissy when you scare off the covey's. Deer/Bear season goes into full swing next week with the big guns. Good riding up there right now as it has been cooling down and occasional scattered showers. My dad just came off the mountain after camping Fishcreek overflow the last 3 weeks. Snow just around the corner...
  4. Not ALL 450's are equal, the X is a good bike but takes a bit of work to really wake it up. What year X? I had a 2006 X and it didn't come alive until after I basically turned it into an R by doing head, carb, cam and exhaust, Typical JCR/Precision Concepts set up. Then she was a ripper good for 114mph Baja or Vegas to Reno style. Sold it to a buddy and moved into KTM's in 2010. I now have 2 450's 1 SX-F FE and 1 EXC-F 6 Days and while the 6 days has really come alive with mapped ECU and exhaust she is still nothing like the FE. An still no comparison to my 185hp (174bhp to the pavement) R1 or a KX500 but they are a lot easier to ride and more predictable especially after racing for a 100 miles or more you are not as beat. But I also have a 300 XC-W that will run with any 450 but at higher speeds does take a little more to catch up since it will not build as fast as a 500.
  5. get a reverse twist drill bit (left twist instead of right twist) and as you drill into the bolt it will start backing itself out without damaging the threaded hole.
  6. You plugged the wires in backwards.. yellow to yellow and white to white not crossed...
  7. You don't need it, I have a 2012 300 XC-W and I've had springs changed out for my race weight and then it's all oil and settings from there with valve changes. I race NHHA and BITD on it and I pound through 3 foot whoops like they are not there and still have a plush enough feel through the rocks. The CC forks and PDS rear is all very tuneable without extra aftermarket items that may not be there in a year or two. Stick to basics on that bike and she'll treat you right.
  8. Agreed...(he probably was using the compression release to prime and set the TDC though but still barefooted??) my 600R at TDC I can stand on it with both feet and that thing will not budge, I weigh in at 190lbs. But that said you crest TDC just a bit and typically fires up on 1st or 2nd kick. You have to know these machines.
  9. Understood, when racing we basically have spare wheel sets about every 50 miles if needed but when joy riding I always carry a spare 21 in tube so it can go in the front or rear if needed. An always carry air and patches too and nice to have a rock, stump or fallen tree to use as a stand while we change things out. I have to admit I've been lucky as I've never gotten a flat when joy riding, only my friends so end up helping fix things. Racing another story, too many times I've had to ride like hell on a flat for 30 miles before being able to change out for a different wheel sets. Rim locks and zip ties work wonders keeping you in the bead at times. 1gr8bldr, SPOT ON exactly what they look like... I can see riding like crazy, have a couple pop, tire off the bead and little boobs running around all over the place.
  10. Many equate it to hours but I have been told by many suspension tuners that go out and RIDE it, bounce through the nasty and everything seems to settle in and work the way it is going to after near 50 miles of break in. So basically run close to a tank of gas through your machine and then adjust and modify from there...
  11. Maybe, but I always take spare tires/wheel sets so fast easy swap. An sometimes I'll even take my ZipTy DGTT with me and can change tires out pretty quick when needed for testing. But I do typically run UHD for high speed races and mousse for the rockier technical stuff like NHHA. But I am going to have to try them out on the bikes this fall/winter.
  12. We've used them for over a decade in racing PRO Quads and I would use them again in a heart beat or tire blocks But once one or two if them do pop it all starts to go bad fast. They slip, get off balance and the vibration is the worst so that you can hardly hold on. Although this was on really fast courses and not slower technical ones. That said I have never tried them on a bike but would expect the same results but at least you should be able to run a faster race pace since not completely flat like when running tubes. Something I would like to hear more about for sure especially vs. various mousse bibs.
  13. Oh I am, I also have a 73 CR250M that is really rough but planning on a restore when I retire. The other is clean and I keep going back and forth from it being a garage queen or doing some vintage racing on her. If I did I would change the take to keep that pristine. Already has reed intake, DG pipe and WORKs shocks...
  14. Trying to get a couple guys from D37 and D38 to run up there for it this year... Never know what to expect.
  15. Montana ALWAYS an AWESOME time and SO many places to go. I normally would stage out of the Helena/Clancy area and stage/visit JN Roberts while there, he has 32 miles of single track and a rough 2-3 mile MX track that makes for a fun warm up while shooting the breeze with him and Janet. Lot of good riding near the Missouri River and farther North near White Fish, I know a few locals from riding and racing that set up some great rides there. I'm jealous as I so wanted to go up that way this year. Planning a riding trip late June 2018 though and I'll post when I do. Normally a good mix of gnar and casual with some local BBQ's, lot of great mining areas with historic cabins too. ENJOY!!