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  1. California

    For those of you in the SD area AMA D38 has a fun desert format this weekend. Roadrunners will be hosting their annual Christmas Classic. There will be solo moto formats then a Team race. After all the bike/quad races there are also UTV races with classes even for the sportsman running a stock machine that may want to try it out. Here are the fliers... Reach out if any questions.
  2. I taught mine to ride early on and would take her to desert rides/races and she was my pit monkey but now she only comes out occasionally, She's an RN in a Trauma ICU/Teaching hospital and wrapping up her Master's so little time for dad too but when she comes out always good to have a nurse at hand. I have a decade on you if I recall correctly... They're always daddy's girls even once married.
  3. Exactly... I hope her father see's and hears her passion. It's tough to get into depending where you live, I see many interested but not sure how to get in and even worse in off road racing but some of that is due to age limitations or promoters not covering those age classes due to lack of interest. Hard to hold an event for 5 racers and worse if you put them in with the adult mix. MX is geared more to age classes as you start out, but you know that
  4. Hi Cecilie, I actually have friends/coworkers that ride/race in Denmark and know the challenges you have there since things are not open year round, you have a season. MX parks are few and far away along with a very limited riding season and limited free ride areas unless you are old enough to ride a dual sport. That and your age makes it tough to get the required seat time needed. You have several good things going for you, the interest, passion, determination and a goal. This doesn't make you a PRO but it can give you the drive or will to try to achieve/strive for it. Don't let anyone say you can't do it otherwise you have lost the battle before trying. Many EU folks come over here to practice and get valuable seat time and training. While that I'm sure is not an option you have a supportive father from the sound of it and hopefully he can get you out more often once you share your goals as you will need some family support for this, racing is a team environment. Even at your age diet, exercise are very important as it keeps you healthy and fit for the challenges. The problem you have is you need SEAT time and and once a week or every few weeks is not enough. You also need to get some good coaching and people to try to chase down at a track, build those skills that you only get from seat time. Chasing people down will give you an idea of speeds you need to carry and a good gauge of how to raise the bar when needed for passes. But the baseline skills can be taught and improved, the speed and chance will come form your determination. When you are not on a motorcycle the next best substitute is mountain biking, helps keep you fit but also helps some with mind set when it comes to jumps, speed, cornering but be careful as you can also learn some bad habits. Look up the Gary Semics videos along with others on YouTube from McGrath and others. They all have great tips for you to go out and practice... Denmark is an awesome place but other EU countries are a little more moto friendly. We are able to ride year round 365 days a year on the West Coast of the United States and that is why so many come here to train. I'm an AMA Congressman and AMA District Stewart and love seeing young people try to jump in, I have several friends that have kids challenging for PRO licenses. Wish you the BEST LUCK, do not give up if you truly feel the calling... It is not an easy road though. ~DD
  5. Just what 4Sevens said... To often we "Have to Have it" and many times its not a good deal. You are in the buying seat as long as you are willing to drive for that deal elsewhere or wait to find another machine. See if he will take a lower offer, do your research. $6K is a bit high for a machine almost bike 5-6 years old as compared to the original price unless great condition, low miles and those extras add value to you but what do I know, my last 3 bikes were new off the showroom floor and the previous 2 were vintage/retro collector machines. Now here in Cali having a plate makes the machine worth about $1K more minimum, I am seeing 2016 WR450's new at the dealer for $7049.00 - $7700.00 OTD pricing just to put things in perspective.
  6. Flynn, 7Tktm covered it like most the guys... You problem is jetting for sure, I run 60:1 when doing single track typically but will go to 50:1 when dealing with desert riding or racing for that extra lube in extreme conditions. In case you do not have an owners manual to look up jetting specs here you go 250-380 KTM Owners manual
  7. California

    Mongo, all depends on your bikes set up stock vs. modified and also elevation of testing. On my 2010 300xcw I was running a Slavens Mule set up and if I recall that was around 195psi at sea level. My 2012 was closer to 235psi at sea level running a 0.4mm base gasket and an SX head milled. I've made some changes so have not checked it yet. Went back to the stock base gasket to align the ports better and increased the carb to a 38mm. Here are a few links that may help you a little... TT 300 compression thread Ring gap check thread Altitude and Compression testing (2T chainsaws)
  8. Heal up Jimmy Boy, JnR guess no 50th Anny B1K for you... I'll be at your pops place 2018 June and August making the road trip up to visit and ride but also race NHHA in Montana and Wyoming. Maybe see you around, if available pop in and give one of those races a go. Talk soon old man and welcome to the 50+ crowd.
  9. I have an XR600R that I too do not typically wash, since it is a desert bike its easy to just wipe down unless it hits muddy conditions where I will wash it. Inherent Honda problem on the rusting especially on the old Odyssey's and Pilot's. I have the same issues on my KTM's at the gas tank center mount. Water does not drain off as it should so if you are not aware that will rust through very quickly.
  10. No you do not have to change it that often but yes since you do have smaller capacities you still want to change often since you have 2 oils to deal with. I use to change mine when racing every 300 miles both motor and transmission unless the race was a 500/1000 mile event but this was also for inspection looking for metallic parts/shavings. I would run the complete 500/1000 event with that oil. I use to run Lucas synth oils all the time and still do on my bikes. This was on an 05 and an 06 450X. Also you can run an external oil cooler that would give you more capacity and cooling capability. Based on how you are now using this machine it may be a worth wile investment. Check out: 450X Oil Coolers You'll find some discussions here on TT about them too...
  11. Love those answers... Yep, Nope, Maybe... Everyone is so helpful. BigBob as I'm sure you know there are tons of places it all depends what you are looking for and where you are staying over so we know how close to set a staging area. You mention Wine which is always a great stop coming off either Cahuilla MX or Pala MX with some great eats in the area if you are in going to be around the Temecula area. Or are you thinking tracks or single track/open area near Gorman? High Desert? Low Desert, OC Wells or a little farther south to the Superstitions? Or single track/tracks out of San Diego? The Yes and Nope responses are about as informative as you saying you're going to be in LA or me saying I'm coming to NorCAL. I know I'm running down to the Superstitions for an AMA D38 race, expecting it to be a fast course. Wait until the following weekend (Nov 16-19) and you have the 50th Anny Baja 1000 just a little farther south. Give an idea where you are staying and what you are looking for and I'm sure there are peeps that can help out. Or jump in with me early Saturday to go check out a desert race, race it or just ride the area/course and help fallen riders and nail cheaters.
  12. Reach out to Travis at TBT Inc. http://www.tbtracing.com/
  13. Good Luck on either route Dave, new bikes are always great but then takes time dialing in occasionally but so much fun doing it. Talk soon...
  14. I wish Jeff... bunch of cop buddies in Riverside county, San Diego county and some in NorCal but not a 1 that can hook a brother up unless they pull me over themselves and give me 20 minutes of grief and laughter before sending me on my way.
  15. Wow, wish I could make it out there, seems like only time I get near there is racing NHHA, You all have an AWESOME time and post pics n stories...