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  1. keenxxx

    Value opinions...

    Not judging your bike just a generalization of used bikes.
  2. keenxxx

    Value opinions...

    When I shop for a bike I start by trying to find a bike with low hours, no major engine work & original plastics. This isn't always that easy when almost every bike on CL is listed w/ low hrs etc. Suspension mods are nice only if it matches my weight. Valve job goes either way - if the rest of the bike is clean it's a bonus, if the bike is kinda beat then the valve job means it might have a ton of use.
  3. keenxxx

    Dealer Service Turnaround Times?

    Time is a pretty important variable with anything. It should have been brought up by either party involved beforehand. Call a few more local shops and see what their repair schedules are like. If you are not satisfied with the current shop take it to another.
  4. keenxxx

    Too much bike for me?

    The way I look @ the situation you either find a competent mechanic or take the first absolute step in self repair - buy a factory service manual and read it cover to cover. Acquaint yourself with the carb , reeds and power valve as well as general compression & 2 stroke leak checking. After you feel full of book smarts then grab a wrench. I hopped on my buddies proclaimed "3 stroke " KTM 300 and took it for a spin and came back white knuckled. I decided a 250 4 stroke was plenty bike for me. Funny thing was my buddy kept saying how easy his 300 was to ride though I could manage the power that's all I was doing on the trail.
  5. keenxxx

    Foot Peg Bolt Head stripped and stuck!

    I am going to guess you are using an impact that doesn't produce enough torque. I woudn't use an impact on that style fastner. A long ratchet will easily remove that bolt.
  6. keenxxx

    Foot Peg Bolt Head stripped and stuck!

    Maybe I should have elaborated on this subject a little more. First if you haven't stripped or removed the Torx bolt you have not applied enough force. We saw a row of these @ the dealership where customers were routinely running into removal problems. Factory tightened w/ lock-tite and a funky button head Torx is the issue. A T-50 is a semi- loose fit anf T-50 Plus requires a "tap...tap...tap" from a ball peen hammer to engage the fastener. Here are a couple pic's. It's a 10mm fastner w/ a torque spec of 40ft lbs. so lay into that ratchet. Notice my ratched is a long version.
  7. keenxxx

    PO says he rejetted bike

    Pull the carb and clean pilot jet circuit. Purchase a R&D remote fuel screw . Find the sticky in this forum for mixture adjustment.
  8. keenxxx

    03 exhaust cam change into a 02wr250f

    Well my opinion differs^ I purchased a 2001 WR250F and had a hell of a time starting the bike. The bike was properly jetted and I know the "drill". Even though I could get the bike started it required running the "drill" and a very firm kick. I read the YZ cam would improve the power output so more power and easier starting I am on board. It was like the rain stopped and the sun was finally shining, that little cam made the bike a breeze to start. I watched a video where a guy started his bike by hand... I threw on a glove and 2 hand strokes and the bike started! The YZ cam seemed to add a little more power everywhere, didn't notice a loss. If you do search you will find countless posts on people going to the decomp. cam.
  9. keenxxx

    PO says he rejetted bike

    It has an extended fuel screw. You should purchase a factory service manual to familiarize yourself with any part of the bike in question.
  10. keenxxx

    Foot Peg Bolt Head stripped and stuck!

    Just an FYI the Torx size is not a T-50... It is a T-50 Plus. T-50 Torx is too loose a fit. Yes there is a whole different style. You can Google the different fastener types. I own a set of Mac tools Torx plus that will remove the peg bolts like butter. If you want the T-50 plus that can be purchased from a tool truck & I have seen them on eBay as well.
  11. keenxxx

    Carb question

    I ride bikes for enjoyment. Riding a bike that doesn't run right is no fun. Will it run rich enough to wash the rings and cause premature cylinder wear ...probably not but I'd spend the extra time cleaning the carb before running it even if that means pulling the carb twice.
  12. I have found carb dimensions for most carbs floating around the Internet. You will also have to deal w/ jetting the carb as well & possible cabling.
  13. keenxxx

    1990 yz 250

    I Googled 1990 YZ 250 front brake hose and both Amazon & EBay had aftermarket hose assemblies.
  14. There are a pack of pre pubesant pit bike riders in my neighborhood riding insanely loud bikes. I am sure they would let me scope out their exhaust if I roll up w/ my " I love Bieber " shirt on.
  15. keenxxx

    Stock Exhaust Modification on 2013 WR250F

    A modified tip would increase the flow w/o noise. If you don't mind the noise or ride in a noise restricted area you could run just the arrestor. When I purchased my WR a fellow rider asked if I had an extra 1k dollars budgeted for my purchase ??? He meant undoing all the emission corking would add up quick... Jet kit, exhaust, camshaft etc.