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  1. klrguy

    lost power after oil change

    Not true, I run full synthetic in all my bikes with no trouble.
  2. klrguy

    Valve problem - ideas?

    No, not the OBDR. We left from Grants Pass and camped at Diamond Lake, La Pine, Lakeview (2 nites), Frenchglen, Burns, John Day, Prineville, Paulina Lake, Shady Cove, and back to GP. At this point I'm not going to run it again until I go through it. I don't want to risk popping the head off a valve.
  3. klrguy

    Valve problem - ideas?

    Than was my guess, but it seems strange that both valves would go at exactly the same time. The previous owner said the bike had less than 2k miles and I have put about 4500 on it. A friend just tore his down at 17k to do a top end and it looked brand new. No dirt in air box, clean filters often.
  4. klrguy

    Valve problem - ideas?

    I shimmed The intakes about 500 miles ago. They were down to about .003 and .002. On day 3 of an 11 day ride it was hard to start when cold. The next day was worse, we had to tow it in the morning to get it to start. It started when hot but the colder it got the harder it started. I suspected tight valves. Two of the guys were only riding the first 4 days and one offered his DRZ so I could finish the ride. I got home Sunday after 11 days and over 2000 miles of dirt and tore into my bike. Sure enough the intakes had no clearance. I could understand one valve getting tight due to a seat or valve problem, but not both. I pulled the intake cam to check the bearing surface, thinking that if the cap was worn it would cause the clearance to disappear, but the bearings looked fine. I haven't miked them yet, but they look good. I don't want to just reshim without finding the reason for the rapid change in clearance. Any ideas?
  5. klrguy

    DRZ setups for Bags and racks

    My rack is setup for Dirtbagz and also for a tail bag.
  6. klrguy

    recommended racks and rad guards

    Here's a rack I made for my 400e. It's made to mount Dirtbagz.
  7. klrguy

    The Showcase your DRZ thread

    Here is my e about half way thru it's transition from enduro rat to plated dualsport. Here it is in Death Valley a couple of weeks ago.
  8. klrguy

    stupid to have a E and an S model?

    One of my riding buds has a dualsported E and a kicker for his dirtbike, although his current favorites are his crf250x or his rmz250
  9. klrguy

    13/52 gearing on 400

    With the tall low gear on my MXC, I went to a 13/55. Works great.
  10. klrguy

    400 exc

    It seems like people who talk about unreliable and expensive to fix KTMs don't own one, but are "experts" about KTM problems. Change your cam gear to the late one - about $30. Might as well change cam bearings while you are in there. I put 1800 miles of hard core dirt riding on mine last season with no probems, just normal maintainance. I change my oil every 10 hours which is about 150 miles. Just ride it and enjoy it, it's a great bike.
  11. klrguy

    All in the name of science! (mpg study)

    I filled up yesterday, 310 miles on 5.4 gals, Oh wait - that was the KLR
  12. klrguy

    Flip up helmets

    I bought an HJC Symax last summer. I like it. Comfortable and seems to be well made. I use it on dualsport rides when it"s cold or raining, or just a trip to town. It's nice to not have to take your hat off to gas up or talk to somebody. I would buy the samething again.
  13. klrguy

    450EXC vs CRF450X

    Two observations, Two of the guys I ride with have CRF250Xs.Both burn enough oil that it's a concern on a long ride. They both burned oil from new. Don't know if this means anything with regards to a 450 but...? Second is about EXC/MXC gearbox ratios. My bike is EXC except for the gearbox. It's a 400 with a 520 piston (453). I love the close ratio box on steep climbs. If you need to downshift,low is so cose to second that it dosent upset the bike like a big jump would. Of course desert riding would be a different deal. My bike will still go over 80 and that's plenty fast enough for me.
  14. klrguy

    DRZ vs.EXC!!??

    Actually it's very easy to compare them. I ride the same trails with guys on DRZs, WRs, XRs, CRFs, etc. We pretty much all have the same goal while we are out there. We are just using different bikes to do the same thing. we all don't agree on which works best for each of us. Two of the guys I ride with are on CRF250s and they love them, except they both burn oil like crazy. I don't like them, only 10 lbs less than the KTM and no torque. Ride what you like, but if you don't compare them, how do know that you are on the bike that works best for you?
  15. klrguy

    DRZ vs.EXC!!??

    Jsuhr, About the vibes, I have ridden several different KTMs and none have had a vibration prob.I'm only talking about the rfs engine, not 2 stroes or the LC4 620, both of which can be paint shakers. If you get a chance ride a different one. That said, I have not ridden a 520 so I can't comment on that. I have ridden the 400 and both versions of the 450. The factory EXC/MXC is small bore (from 400) long stroke (from 520). The SX is big bore (from 520) and short stroke (from 400). I much prefer the short stroke version.It just rips everywhere and has stump pulling bottom end. On steep techinal stuff you can short shift and keep the rpm down for traction, but have instant power when you have the traction to use it. Just thinking about it makes me want to go out and ride. No, wait, it's dark out....