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  1. simch

    How much better will the 2016 WR be ?

    Anyone know if the plastics and seat are the same shape and fit as the YZ 450 f? I do enduro with a current 450x Honda, but was about to buy an anniversary yz450f, merely because I've always wanted a hurricane colour scheme yam! It may be overkill and I'd miss the magic button, but I've just got to get a yellow yam one day! Still got my steel framed wr450, it's still rides nice. And the 450x is a cracking bike, albeit a little heavy in the tight woods. I'm also considering the new yx450fx, but again, I'd need the yellow plastics and seat etc from the anniversary, because I'm a blouse!
  2. simch

    How's it look? (Head/Piston)

    Amazing bore condition for 700 hours. Doesn't th manual say we need new Pistons at 20 hours......? You've saved about 7000 bucks running that one!
  3. simch

    2009 CRF450X IN OZ

    Not seen a seat like that. Is it for comfort or are you just really tall? I'm over 6ft and the bike feels ok for me. But that seat does look plush for long rides!
  4. simch

    2014 X Announced.......

    Yes, as I said, they are pushing these 'official 2014 spec' bikes, but they are 2013 bikes with new plastics and some trick bits, pipes, guards, white plastics, ally tank. My point is, I think there is a reason they are pushing the 2013 bikes out now, cheap fiancé, trick parts etc. and that is that there will be a new 'x' next year. The Crf 450 xrl is an official road legal (hence RL) version of the crf450x, not the R. But dealers are doing their own road legal versions of the white crf450x, with the pipe and hand guards etc.
  5. simch

    2014 X Announced.......

    Hi All from the United Kingdom! I'm pretty sure that there will be a big big change to the 450x next year, here in UK and rest of Europe, Honda are doing some big deals to move out the old stock. The 2014 'official' Honda UK bike is a 2013 machine from stock, but with a white plastics and graphics kit, a DEP silencer and some acerbis hand guards fitted. Dealers are also fitting their own road kits to them to make them road legal and registered, and are offering 0percent finance on them for 3 and a half years! They're keen to move them out, and to be fair it is working! I just bought one to replace my ageing 2004 wr450, and look forward to seeing how it fares in comparison. Btw we also get the 450xrl, and official road registered bike from Honda (rather than a dealer kitted road legal enduro bike). The 'RL' version this year is the same as last year, ie red plastics, no trick pipe, no hand guards, and a pretty awful road kit that will last about 5 minutes before being smashed off by stones on a trail! But it also has a slightly larger ally tank, which is quite nice. But it is about 900 UK pounds more expensive, like 1500 bucks more. It know the x is essentially a chassis from a 2008 r, with a softer motor, but the 2014 bike here does look pretty good in all white.
  6. simch

    TT Man of the Year Award

    Great nominations, but its Marcusmoberg for me, all the way!! His daring tales of wasting 50s and quads should be inspiration for everyone of us!
  7. simch

    Exhaust Packing?

    It depends, MArcus, as fitted to a new machine they dont have packing but if you buy one from a dealer as a replacement, it may have packing...........otherwise it gets dented on the truck.
  8. simch

    Air Filter Seal?

    Use a filter walrus, Marcus, its a bit beefier than a filter seal. You need to make sure you only ride with at least a 100mph tail wind, at all times, otherwise the air will not keep up with your immense speed, and your bike will run too rich.
  9. simch

    stripped bolt

    or just weld a new nut on the front of the stripped one. I did it with my engine plate captive bolts, it worked a treat! You have good access so you will get a nice weld. You can keep stripping them and doing this, until the bolt catches on the front tyre!!
  10. simch

    engine sound, normal? wr450f

    Do you run a full aftermarket sumpguard that is bigger and thicker than the stock one? if so, try taking it off. It never ceases to amaze me how much quieter mine is when I have "just changes the oil". Its actually because I go out for a quick round the bloock ride without the sump guard to check for leaks etc. The bike is whisper quiet without the sump guard, (by comparison)!! However, when I ride mine and we are doing tight trail at slower speeds, as the motor gets hot, it sometimes gets horribly noisy, a sort middle to top endish clatter!! Its quite worrying but then once you sppeed up and the rads get more air and cool it off a bit, the noise goes. SOOO! I would suggest you try it without the sump guard, a thick one reflects all the moise upwards. BUT if you still think its rattly, just check its not running excessively hot? I know some of the guys in Scandinavia chage stats to make them run a bit warmer, helping against carb ice and the like. If you got yours second hand it may have been tweaked for more wintry use? BTW as for how you tell if its running hot, I am not sure! Maybe someone could take a digital temp reading and let you know it, then you can check if you got a guage? although it sounds to me (!!) like its normal noise!
  11. simch

    Vegas to Reno on the WR450

    Man that looks great. How far is that race!?? Now that is what I'm coming to the states to do next year! Was thinking of doing a desert race, hence my desire to et accross and do some CA riding soon. As someone said above, we dont have stuff like that in Europe! Seriously, I reckon that would easy be worth a trip accross the pond.
  12. simch

    Coming to California to go riding!

    Sounds good guys. How much road mileage may we have to do, we may not have a truck to haul the bikes. I am hoping the ones I saw for rent are road legal etc.........?!?! Dont know where to stay yet, maybe TO, maybe down in Newport or LAguna areas. But somewhere we can hit some good trails and really get the CA off road expeience, (middle of no where, rattlesnakes, hillbillies with shotguns showing photos of "their wives and mothers", with just one woman on it!! Well maybe not! So time of year......? Are the trails open all year round.......? Dont mind a bit of rain (good job based on where I live) but wan tt get some good riding in for sure. I have an offer on some cheapish flights to LA (£300) but it ends tomorrow! So need to pull our fingers out and book it! Keep the ideas comin!
  13. I am going to come over form the UK, rent a wr450 and go riding sometime in the next few months. Any idea which time of year is best, between now and MArch? Any areas good to locate myslef in. Amy be a few of us if I can persuade the guys! Anyone up for a rideout!? Cheers
  14. simch

    WR450 Hard to start when hot

    Before you alter too many settings, be aware that the symptoms you describe are common for valves that need adjusting. As the clearances reduce as the valve recedes into the head a little, it can actually stop the valve closing properly when its hot (and all expanded etc). Bike will start from cold OK, but be a real pig to get going when hot. May be worth just checking your shims before you do too much messing with jets etc, especially if it was starting ok from warm a little while back. Good Luck
  15. simch

    Quiet down that skid.............

    Skid plate foam is good for noise reduction too, and it stops getting clogged with mud.