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  1. rule of thumb, you can always go higher in octane than recommended but you should never go lower. I personally never play with mix ratios. always use what the manufacturer says to use. I mix klotz 112 with 93 pump 50/50
  2. race gas plus 927 smells awesome. 927 also doesn't gum up the power valve it has a cleaner in it. it is also biodegradable for all the green people out there
  3. looks stock and not taken care of at all
  4. for a state that has some of the best available areas to ride, I would never ever want to live there.
  5. wish the idiots in the states could read what you posted. they all seem to think the grass is greener with socialized healthcare. but more to the point, 10k for a bike is way expensive. I bought mine brand new in 09 for 6,900.00 that was with tax.
  6. improper routung which is causing it to bind up. or it is shorter than it should be.
  7. That is one of the best things about 2 strokes. they are cheap and easy to maintain and or rebuild. anyone can fix a 2 stroke, of course as you found out a moron can f@ck one up as well!!
  8. I heard barry Hawk had a lot to do with building this bike. My friend has one of Barry's old 2 stroke GNCC bikes. he has his 2003 YZ250.
  9. I have heard rumor of a woods ready 2 stroke, but that is all it is so far rumor. they need to do something. KTM is taking the market over. they have bikes in every category now.
  10. I was the same way til I rode a 2012 300 KTM. that is a sweet bike. there new 250sx is a beast. I still bleed blue and will never sell my yz250 but I will have a second bike. probably a KTM
  11. def get some good hand protection. I ride woods with my 09 and all I did besides the pipe was put a 13 tooth front sprocket and a flywheel weight. no more stalling problems. I can motor through the woods and no loss of torque what so ever.
  12. I agree. seems to help with getting the front up in a more controlled manner. the bike still pumps out 46HP. that is a lot of power for a 220lb bike
  13. I will check that out. sounds better than the first guy who said I have a wornout kick start. bike only has 15 hours of ride time.
  14. I am a Yamaha guy but the new KTM's are very nice. love the 200 and 300 2 strokes for the woods. the 250xc is a beast.
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