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  1. Just a heads-up that your topic has been editted. Why? We respect the works of others and the copyright laws that protect them. Our policy is to not knowingly allow the posting of or the facilitation of distributing copyrighted materials. We just can't accept any amount of legal risk of doing so, as potential violations are brought to our attention. We thank you in advance for your cooperation. All the best, MentalGuru TT Moderator
  2. Looks like a lot of skirt wear for 2hrs mine looked better than that after 30hrs
  3. I have a 2013 kx great bike resprung and revalved the suspension with racetech bike is perfect
  4. I bought one cold as hell and hasn't snowed yet &%$#@!ing IOWA weather
  5. Pull the linage cover the linkage has plastic ends they break had it happen on mine
  6. My buddy owns a 2013 250sx and those rims are not A60's they are the base tasago wheel
  7. What ktm comes stock with A60's ???? They come with excel rims but they sure the hell ain't a60's there are the same rim that comes on Yamaha
  8. Thanks I found my issue got a bike and the forks would not go through the full stroke my springs measured 495mm
  9. Could someone tell me the correct lenth of the front fork springs for and 08 150sx
  10. Picked it up for 500 bucks engine came in two boxes gonna throw a new crank top end and replace all case bearings should be fun
  11. U shitting me ride a 250 two stroke back to back with a 250f and tell me which one as more torque and which engine is more reliable
  12. Two a year the next on is in September
  13. I live in fort dodge we go up to the Millville area a lot and do the d22 races also race at Waterloo and hawkeye downs
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