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  1. MrDieselTwitch

    Tire selection trials or knobby

    Try the new hybrid tires
  2. MrDieselTwitch

    To bike or not to bike?

    In fact i found a 2005 GasGas 300 for only $2,800! looks pretty sharp!
  3. MrDieselTwitch

    To bike or not to bike?

    I know when i got my bike is was pure luck that a local dealer in my small town used to ride trials and was selling his old bike. he didn't even have it on the floor, but he over heard me talking to others about how I wanted to learn trials, pulled me aside and showed me the bike. Sense then I've really been getting into these bikes. they are fun to ride. even if you aren't clearing 10' gaps and doing 8' lifts! There are a lot of trials specific forums like trialscentral.com, While i so love TT its trials section is not its greatest point.. Here is a listing site for trials bikes in the US this should at least get you started. I would stay in bikes, that are at least 2000 and newer. most of the good bikes are between 3 and $4,000. http://moto-trials.com/classified/
  4. MrDieselTwitch

    Tire selection trials or knobby

    Its no joke. my trials have 2 dirts seasons on them and still look like they are a few days old. Because you don't spin nearly as much they last 100x longer! they also don't dig up trails as much! good for the tree huger fight side of things also
  5. MrDieselTwitch

    Tire selection trials or knobby

    + 1 for trials tires! I didn't believe it either until I did. And I went trials front and rear on my 12 Ktm 500 xcw. It was amazing! I ride nothing but high Mtn single track and I will never run a knob again! I also run the true bliss system and like 5-7psi in the rear and 10psi in the front! No more wash out no more slipping and the myth about them loading up in the mud if false.
  6. MrDieselTwitch

    To bike or not to bike?

    Im really glad you're looking into trials. I live in a remote area so joining a club wasn't an option but just being forced to start over was enough. let me know if you get a bike. one of the best things todo at the start is to turn up the idle. disconnect the throttle. ( take 15 seconds ) and work on riding only at idle speeds in first gear. it will force you use only your clutch and balance to keep moving.... even your buddy thats been riding quads all his life will fell like he's a total newbie!
  7. MrDieselTwitch

    To bike or not to bike?

    yeah but the second part of that is are you crashing because you're pushing your self or because you are riding well above your ability and showing off?
  8. MrDieselTwitch

    To bike or not to bike?

    The best thing you can do is go back to basics. I would suggest grabbing your self a trials bike. (not trail) and re learning every thing. if you railed into a fence after a year you where going to big to fast and I'm willing to bet you where trying impress some one. we've all been there and it almost always ends badly. I've been riding on and off my entire life. and I thought I was doing pretty good. Then i picked up my 300 TXT pro and started putting around the house. Holly crap I was shocked at how bad my basic balance and controls skills where. I could hammer the throttle on a trail and make it though just about anything. and I figure the trail was just hard if i couldn't make. Then i got on my trials bike and after about 3 months of never leaving 1st gear on my trials bike and working on balance, throttle and clutch control. I was doing things I never thought i could do let alone on a 500cc 4T bike! There are bikes to be had for not a lot of money. This is mine, an 06' GasGas Raga TXT 300 Pro. it only weights 140lbs!
  9. MrDieselTwitch

    Best way to protect your shoulders?

    dont crash
  10. MrDieselTwitch

    Anyone running thinner oil than 10w50?

    0-40W Amsoil.
  11. MrDieselTwitch

    Blown Piston and Cylinder... Causes....

    Yeah i found the same thing but when i went to Ktm-parts.com i was able to order one. it appears to be superseded by its self..
  12. MrDieselTwitch

    Blown Piston and Cylinder... Causes....

    No they suck! spend the 60$ and get the tool and save your self the PITA of dropping them in the crank case! Part number: 77329030100
  13. MrDieselTwitch

    Blown Piston and Cylinder... Causes....

    Once the piston is in the cylinder theres enough holding force, it was pretty easy to get the snap ring in. It helps to have the snap ring tool also. I don't think i would want to use my finger. to many rings to deal with, to many thing to get messed up
  14. MrDieselTwitch

    Blown Piston and Cylinder... Causes....

    All the fluids were clean and full when i did the tear down. the radiator was full the oil was clean but not brand new. I had been riding for 4 hours when this happened. where where doing so pretty good pulls up a 2000' hill ripping up some good side hills and yanking snowmobiles out Any ways the bike was very warm. It was an OEM piston. The cylinder is deftly gouged. Im getting it bored out to a 570cc
  15. MrDieselTwitch

    Head Gasket Reuse?

    I've heard differing options on this... Friends of mine, say replace every time, dealers (2x of them) say I can reuse it... the manual is veg. and as only one line. "install the new gasket"..... but it doesn't say anything in the disassbely section about not using it. I've been replacing it each time but at 70$ a pop. I'd like to know for sure I'm doing the right thing. I've always lived by the moto "Two thinks you don't want to reuse, gaskets and condoms. If they leak, you have problems"