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  1. Would love to, but working Friday. Off all weekend though.
  2. Yep, north side of Clemons. Might be an under burn with DNR.
  3. We saw it start this morning, looks to be more towards Clemons mtn. I'll know more when I get home, in Ellensburg right now.
  4. I have 30 gallons at my house just a mile from Jacks.
  5. It's not an issue, burning down low in rock creek. They're gonna let it burn across to the right hand fork and into an old fire area.
  6. Legos to Blowout to Big Creek to Clifty. Got totally soaked on Saturday. Fog, rain and mud. Fun ride. Watched the Lefthand fire a little on Sunday.
  7. I'm down for mid week and I'd like to go see some new areas
  8. Funny thing is the "ologists" say the sedimentation is bad... and in the next breathe say there is not enough sediment in the river for salmon beds... which is it???
  9. Go sign up and take a shot at the NW Nitro National hillclimbs. They have am amateur class.
  10. Legos, Blowout, Big Creek, Clifty, Greek Creek, North Ridge, down Clifty. Good day with a good group.
  11. Logged out Clifty and Greek Creek, then dropped down Taneum to Taneum Ridge, then up to Quartz Mtn. Then down Quartz Mtn trail. Looking ride, but fun. Saw deer, goats, bears and elk.
  12. Go up the hill at the head of the Milk Lk drainage on the jeep tail. At the top where it hits the Manastash trail take a sharp left, go out to Rocky Saddle. At RS, catch the single track and follow it down to the Shoestring jeep tail, then when the jeep tail turns right down into the timber, go straight and catch the single track again that climbs the ridge to the upper jeep trail. Follow that about 3/4 if a mile, then go left just passed the String trail.... got all that??? Lol
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